Forever Alone ~COMPLETE~

~ boys arent famous~My name is Tyler Marie Newman. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 I lost both my parents and my 10 year old sister in a car wreck. I have recently moved to London to start my career as a photographer. But lets start with the day I met the man I was going to love forever. Little did I know forever would end quicker then I thought.


3. The Boys

"Ty! you almost ready?" I heard Harry call to me from the living room. I brushed my hair one last time and looked in the mirror. I had on a mid thigh length skirt with a cream colored blouse tucked into it. to finish it off I slipped my shoes in to a pair of toms. I stepped out of my room and headed to Harry he smiled and looked me up and down. "You look amazing..." he said leaning down and pressing his lips to mine. My legs shook a little over the power of the kiss. I pulled apart from him smiling. "we are going to be late." He walked me to the door opening it and letting me out. Walking down the steps he opened the main door that led outside. "My car is just around the corner." he said to me taking my hand. "Can we just walk?" I asked looking at him. "My car is right here." He pulled my hand towards it. I hesitated in his grip. He stopped and looked at me his brow furrowing. "Ok if you'd like." I smiled at him and he went to walking me in the direction of the his flat. He said the boys were already there. "Thank you... for walking with me" I walked closer to him. He wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me in. "No problem" i could tell he was confused by me walking everywhere. I am not ready to tell him yet why I cant ride in cars. Or why I even moved here. I will tell him later I swore to myself I would. We reached His flat and he opened the door. I wasnt really nervous so I walked in first His flat was beautiful Ive been in it once or twice. I heard laughing coming from his living room. "come on they are in here" he still had his fingers laced with mine when we entered the living room.

Harrys POV-

I pulled her to the living room. "guys this is Tyler" i watched as they all turned to look at her. "hello" they basically said in unison. Louis walked up and pulled her into a hug. "Nice to meet you love" he smiled at her letting her go. "you too." her smile was bigger than ever. one by one each boy gave her a hug and gave their introductions. we all sat around the living room chatting up a storm. They had so many questions for her. she answered almost all of them. I watched her the whole night her dark brown hair layed on her shoulders perfectly her big brown eyes sparkling. her lips so full they intrigued me so much."Harry!" I snapped out of it and realized everyone was staring at me. "yeah?" i asked not realizing I had spaced out. They all started laughing. I blushed a little and put my arm around Tylers shoulder. "we asked you how you got this lovely lady to agree to a date with you." Liam said smirking at me. "oh well long story..." I told the boys about the day in the park about two weeks ago going into detail of how I saw her with her camera taking pictures and when I went to talk to her I wound up running into her instead. "... and here we are." I finished then nuzzled my face into her face. she giggled god I love her laugh. It was the end of the night and the boys said there goodbyes "she is a keeper" Louis whispered to me before he walked out the door. I know was all I could think. "Well Im going to head home. I had a great time and I love the boys." I turned around to see Tyler putting her jacket on. She is not walking home at this hour. "No Ty why dont you stay with me tonight. Its too late and Dark outside." I walked over to her and took her jacket off again. "really its ok I dont mind."she said again. "Ty really Im not letting you. you can sleep in my bed Ill stay in living room I have a pull out couch." she sighed and nodded her head. "ok thank you." she followed me into my bedroom and stopped at the door way. I dug in my dresser for a big t shirt when I found one I handed it to her. "you know where the bathroom is and if you need me ill be in the living room." I walked out of the bedroom shutting the door behind me. In the living room I pulled the bed out and took my shirt off. then I stripped to my boxers and got underneath the covers. about an hour had past and I was going in and out of conscienceness when I heard my bedroom door open. The floor creaked underneath Tylers feet as she came next to the pull out bed. I felt her peel back the covers just enough for her to slide in next to me. "harry?" I heard her softly say to me. I rolled over and faced her. the moon shown through the window just enough for me to see the lines of her face. "yeah Ty?" I asked her. "do you mind if I sleep in here?" "of course not." i saw her smile barely before she turned to face the other way. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. her body relaxing into mine. my mind wondered back to earlier today why does she always want to walk. I decided to ask her. "Tyler?" "hmm" she moaned. "I was just wondering why you never want to ride in my car. or any car for that matter?" I felt her body tense next to mine. she sighed and shifted her body to face me. "When I lived in Ireland. My mother and father and little sister and I were driving to the theater one night. A drunk driver ran a red light and hit us going 80mph. my mum and dad died on impact. my little sister and I had multiple surgeries. I made it through them all but my sister did not. so i moved here and i havent been able to get in a car since."she finished her story and looked up to me. My heart ached so much right now. "im so sorry" was all I could say. she gave me a smile and leaned in kissing me. her hands intwining with mine. I leaned into the kiss deepening it. my heart was pounding. at this moment I knew that I love her. she wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me closer to her. her touch was electrifying. I felt as her hands went back to my front roaming my upper body touching every crevice of my abs. I moaned and rolled on top of her. supporting my weight with my elbows I had my hands on her waist. she moved her hands into my hair and gave a moan herself. I tugged at the bottom of my shirt that she wore. she lifted her arms up letting me take the shirt off. she now lay underneath me in just her panties. I guess she sleeps with no bra. I looked at her all her beauty. she blushed "Tyler?" "yes  Haz?" "I think im falling in love with you." i let it slip out. I dont care that ive barely known her. her face lit up after my comment. she pulled me back down and kissed me gently. "I think I am too" she whispered to me before we continued.

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