Forever Alone ~COMPLETE~

~ boys arent famous~My name is Tyler Marie Newman. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 I lost both my parents and my 10 year old sister in a car wreck. I have recently moved to London to start my career as a photographer. But lets start with the day I met the man I was going to love forever. Little did I know forever would end quicker then I thought.


7. That Night

Harrys POV

"Night guys!" I heard Niall call before he shut the door leaving Tyler and I to ourselves. She sat at the kitchen table drinking her cider. I stood by the doorway watching her as she carefully picked up her mug and would lift it to her lips. she would slightly blow on it then take a sip. I love her with all my heart, this girl who sat in front of me. i love the way she laughs and smiles. i love the way her eyes light up when i kiss her. i want to make her mine forever. i will marry her, not right now but i will ask soon. as i watched her longer i saw a smile grow on her face. "do you usually like watching me?" she giggled before turning to face me. I laughed as i walked over to her. "i love to watch you" i said as she stood up from the chair. she inched closer to me wrapping her arms around my neck. i placed my hands on her waist pulling her closer. she smiled and kissed my nose as she stood on her tippy toes. she then rested her head on my chest and i started to sway back and forth. "what are you doing?" she asked her voice muffled in my shirt. "im dancing" i said back. "there isnt any music." i took her hand and spun her out. "imagine the music. " i said smiling. she spun back into me now facing the other way. i wrapped my hands around her waist and started swaying again. her head resting on my chest again. i then turned her around and moved my feet a little more. "im so glad i ran into you at the park." i said kissing the top of her head. "im glad you did too" i stopped dancing and lifted her chin so that i looked her in the eyes. "kiss me" she said. i leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. heat radiated from the touch. even though we have kissed so many times this kiss felt different. there was a magnetic pull that i couldnt get out of. her hands once again wrapped around my neck as i pulled her closer. the kiss soon turned from love to lust. i started walking her back to the doorway that lead to the bedroom. as our tongues danced with each other my hands found the bottom of her shirt and i tugged upwards pulling it off breaking the kiss for a second. as my hands roamed her upper half she messed with my pants taking my belt off and pulling them down i kicked them off. i pulled hers off in a swift motion as my shirt was taken off. she now lay on the bed and i lay on top of her just in our underwear. i looked into her eyes. just seeing them lit up turned me on so much. i took the rest of her undergarments off and she took my boxers off. she kissed me hard and with so much passion. as we rolled over and she was on top. she staddled my waist as she was sitting up. she pulled her hair to one side and smiled. leaning back down our lips moved in sync. our hands intertwining together i now lay on top of her i pulled our hands above her head and kissed down her neck finding her sweet spot instintly. she moaned in pleasure as i continued down her body leaving love bites. she ran her fingers through my hair slightly tugging at it. i came back up to her face. she smiled and kissed me. whispering in my ear."i want you now..." she said between breaths. i didnt hesitate. i went into her and she adjusted pretty quickly. i started to thrust inside her kissing her neck and lips as she moaned my name. i picked up the pace as her fingers dug into my back a little. i didnt mind at all the pleasure was so bearable "oh god" she said as she cum her tightening around me as i came. i layed my head down on her chest as she had one hand in my hair and the other was laced between mine. "tyler?" i asked. "yes harry?" she said. "i want to marry you..." i let the words spill out of my mouth. i looked up at her and she was smiling at me. "i want to be mrs styles." she kissed my forehead, i scooted up to her side now and pulled her close to me. she nuzzled herself into me we fit perfectly together. after a little bit i could hear her breathing steady i knew she was asleep. i layed there for a little bit longer until i drifted off to sleep.

Tylers POV

i was walking down the street and looked at the different shops taking photos when a woman walked up to me. "everyone you love dies" my mouth dropped and tears formed in my eyes. "excuse me?" i asked but she just kept walking. what the hell was wrong with her. and how did she know that. i kept walking and i saw someone drop come change. i picked it up and tapped on the mans shoulder "sir you dropped this" i said . he turned around and backed up ,"everyone you love dies." he said. i turned around and kept walking what the hell are people talking about. as i kept walking a past a little girl and she just stared at me and tugged at her mothers shirt. "what sweety?" she asked turning to face me. she grabbed her little girl and pulled her towards her. "everyone you love dies." she said to me . i started to get worried, what are people talking about, what is going on... i took off running towards harrys flat and once i reached the door. i was stopped by three people who were standing in front of the door but their backs were towards me. "excuse me thats my house" i said trying to get them to move. they turned around and i was frozen. my mother father and sister stood in front of me, blood and cuts and bruises covering them. "everyone you love dies" they said in unison.--- I sat up in bed sweat covering my body. I looked around and saw that i was in harrys bed and i was just dreaming. I looked down and saw harry sound asleep next to me. I climbed out of bed and grabbed one of his shirts throwing it over my head as i walked out of the room. I found a seat on one of the couches. what kind of dream was that? i asked myself tucking my feet into my body. "everyone i love dies" i whispered to myself. "what?" i heard a raspy voice behind me. I jumped and he came and sat next to me. "are you ok? i didnt mean to scare you." he asked wrapping his arms around me. i layed into his chest taking in his scent. "yeah just a bad dream..." i said closing my eyes "want to talk about it?" he asked. "not really" i said. he kissed my hair. "ok but im always here" he layed back on the couch with me tucked into his side. we both fell asleep.

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