Forever Alone ~COMPLETE~

~ boys arent famous~My name is Tyler Marie Newman. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 I lost both my parents and my 10 year old sister in a car wreck. I have recently moved to London to start my career as a photographer. But lets start with the day I met the man I was going to love forever. Little did I know forever would end quicker then I thought.


16. Mixed Feelings

Tylers POV

I awoke to a knocking on my door. "go away!" I yelled as I rolled over pulling the pillow over my head. the knocking continued until I was finally out of bed. I went to the door looking out and saw Niall standing there in a suit and his hair made up perfectly. "ugh" I said giving a sigh. I pulled open the door just wide enough to see the his face. He looked at me and I looked back. I could tell he had been crying but I wanted no part of it. "what do you want" I asked. he pushed the door open wider. and walked in. "Im here to take you to the funeral" I let him come in I didnt even care that I was oonly wearing sweats and a bra. He turned around and his eyes grew bigger before he noticed I caught him staring. I didnt care though not anymore I dont care about anything. "im not going" I stated and i walked past him. He caught my arm though and stopped me from moving any further. I looked up into his bright blue eyes. "Niall please let me go" I said trying to pull my arm out of his grip. "Tyler" he said very soft. I turned my body to face him completely. "what?" I asked. his hands went from gripping my forearm to holding my hands. I shivered at the sudden change of contact. "are you cold?" he asked "im fine." i didnt want his sympathy right now. I just wanted to be left alone. "please let me go back to bed." I said a little quieter. I knew I was about to cry and I didnt want him to see me like that again. he just stood there still holding my hands. even though I didnt want comfort right now I had to admit it was nice having someone else in this empty flat. He gave me a crooked smile. "you look like a mess Ty" he said. "well you look rough to." I said back. He gripped my hands tighter. "ow" I winced he furrowed his brows and looked at my hand. "what happened?" he asked. I pulled my hand away and turned around. "nothing." I said. I felt his toned arms wrap around me my stomach twisted inside. for some reason the feelings I was feeling right now for Niall were scaring me I couldnt like Niall I just couldnt. I turned to face him still in his arms. He looked very sad. I smoothed out his lines in his forehead and rested my hand on his cheek. "Niall im ok..... and even though Harry is gone we still have each other" I said to him. i lied but I wanted Niall to feel better I didnt want him to worry. I couldnt tell Niall that I was going to leave after the funeral. I didnt want him to follow. I just wanted to be left alone so that no one else got hurt. with my hand still on his cheek he placed his hand covering it. he then kissed my hand. my stomach spun and I was feeling so many emotions right now i didnt like it.  he looked back at me and his eyes bore into me. he leaned forward and his lips were barely touching mine. "Niall" I whispered. I was so torn right now I didnt want himm to kiss me but on the other hand I did want him to. He stared at me our lips still barely touching. thats when I did what I knew I shouldnt have. I pulled his face towards me and kissed him. it felt so right but so wrong at the same time. our lips moving against each other. my mind kept racing back and forth between Harry and Niall. I felt Nialls hands wrap around my waist as I moved my hands around his neck. soon our tongues began exploring each others mouth. thats when I realized that I had fallen for Niall as well. I pulled away quickly. He opened his eyes and I could still see the sadness in the depths of them. "im sorry" I whispered. "why?" he asked. I shook my head. "its to soon." I replied. He pulled me into a hug. "im sorry. " he said into my hair. "its not your fault i kissed you" I whispered.

FUNERAL (dont feel like writing the funeral sorry)

Niall took me back to my flat and walked me in. "do you mind if I crash here?" he asked. I didnt want him to but he would be suspicious if I said no. "sure" I said going to the bedroom. I layed in bed for over two hours hoping he would be fast asleep when I snuck out.

Nialls POV

I layed on the spare bed all I could think about was Tyler and the kiss we shared hours earlier. It felt so amazing but I felt bad for doing it. she was right it was to soon. I will just have to control myself around her from now on. well atleast until she was ready.

Tylers POV

it was now 12:37 am and I had a small bag packed just enough to get me buy until the first paycheck. I snuck to the bedroom door and went out quietly. when I made it to the front door. I looked at the flat one last time. all the memories Harry and I made. even the new memory of Niall. my heart ached as I thought of them both. I shook my head and then went out the door shutting out all the memories and stepping into my new life.


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