Forever Alone ~COMPLETE~

~ boys arent famous~My name is Tyler Marie Newman. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 I lost both my parents and my 10 year old sister in a car wreck. I have recently moved to London to start my career as a photographer. But lets start with the day I met the man I was going to love forever. Little did I know forever would end quicker then I thought.


21. Is It Love?

Tylers POV

"Here taste this" I held my finger up for Niall to taste. "mmm good" He smiled at me. Niall and I have been together for a week now just hanging out everyday. I feel like im cheating on Harry though. everytime I kiss Niall my heart sinks but is lifted at the same time. I mean really how does that happen. I feel as if Niall and I are together non stop because we are helping each other heal. our acts of affection are slowly mending the wounds of our loss. I still see Harry every night we talk and kiss. I feel like im going crazy. how can my imagination be so vivid? "good" I winked at him. he stuck his finger in the mixture and wiped it on my nose. "hey" I said and I started to laugh. He leaned over the counter and kissed my nose while eating the mixture off. I giggled as he began giving me wet kisses over my face. "gross Niall stop" He came around the counter and wrapped his arms around my waist. "what if I dont want to" he whispered in my ear. that sent goosebumps up my whole body. "hmm then no food tonight." he looked at me with a puppy dog look. "no food" he said while pouting. I giggled. "nope" He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. "how about now?" "hmm maybe" I said He kissed me again but this time it felt different. There was more passion behind this. I pulled him closer to me. His tongue taking dominance over mine. God he tastes so good. my hands began going through his hair and he had his hands on my butt. He began kissing down my neck. a soft moan escaped my lips at the contact of me sweet spot. "n-niall..." I managed to get out. "hmm" he groaned against my neck. I couldnt get anymore words out, but then he stopped and looked me in the eyes. "dont stop" I said. He laughed and walked with me to my bedroom as he began kissing me again. I was now wrapped around his torso and he had my shirt off. I took his off and let my hands roam his toned stomach and chest. He was massaging my breasts and kissing down my neck again. "oh god Niall" I said. we fell to the bed. and in an instant we were fully naked. He layed above me looking into my eyes. "are you sure?" he asked. I smiled at him and pulled his head towards me kissing him passionately. Ive waited awhile to be with someone again and im glad its Niall. I gripped his back as he began to thrust inside of me. pleasure spreading though my entire body. He left little love bites as he kept thrusting. "Niall im so close" I whispered to him as he began to go a little faster. my core erupted in pleasure as I cummed his thrusts became sloppy once he released into me. He was still in me as he layed his head down on my chest. "I love you Tyler" Niall said to me. he loves me? no he cant we cnt love each other. a tear fell from my eye. I cant love him. but do I? do I love Niall? I dont want to lose him. Niall pulled out of me and kissed me on the cheek. soon after I heard his soft snores. I think I do love him... but I will just have to leave. no I cant do that to him again. that night I didnt see harry as I layed in bed next to Niall. I just pondered on what I was to do next. finally I came to the conclusion that I was not going to leave. Not yet at least.

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