Forever Alone ~COMPLETE~

~ boys arent famous~My name is Tyler Marie Newman. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 I lost both my parents and my 10 year old sister in a car wreck. I have recently moved to London to start my career as a photographer. But lets start with the day I met the man I was going to love forever. Little did I know forever would end quicker then I thought.


12. Goodbye Zayn

Tylers POV

I rolled over in bed and instead of hitting Harrys nice warm body I felt it empty. opening my eyes I saw no mess of curls laying next to me. I frowned while sitting up. Where could he be? as if on cue my mind went straight to Zayn... and then there was a knock at the door. I climbed out of bed and slipped some shorts on and pulled my shirt down over them. Its probably one of the other boys coming to get me I thought to myself as I went to the door. ugh If Harry does anything stupid I wouldnt be able to forgive myself. pulling open the door niall stood there with a worried look on his face. "hey Ni-" "no time come on" he said as he grabbed my wrist and bolted for his car. once we pulled out I decided now was a good time to ask exactly what was going on. "Niall? Is it bad?" I asked looking at him. I stared at his scared expression and his blonde tipped hair laying across his forehead. He looked like a mess, like he just woke up or something. "well If you call Harry beating the living shit out of Zayn bad then yes." He said looking at me for a split second before watching the road again. "I need to stop him." I whispered quietly to myself. I felt like i was going to throw up I hadnt seen zayn since the incident and I didnt plan to. but now i was forced to go stop something that I sadly didnt want to be stopped. we pulled up to Zayns flat and Niall rushed me inside. even before we reached the door I could hear the yelling and cussing. I looked at Niall. he just gave my a weary smile before opening the door. when we stepped inside the sight was awful things were broken and glass every where. I looked at zayn first and my stomach clenched like i was going to throw up. I coulnt bare to look at him after what he did to me. His face was pretty bruised and it looked like he had a broken nose blood flowing from it. "Tyler you need to leave." I looked over at harry he looked a lot better then zayn but I could tell he had a busted lip. "No harry I want you to stop before you do something your going to regret." I said walking to him and taking his hands in mine. he wouldnt look at me so I placed my hands on either side of his fce and forced him to look at me. "Harry please lets go. hes had enough." I watched as his eyes softened but he looked hurt. "how can you say that, he hurt you and it kills me to see you so afraid." he whispered the last part. I was trying to hold back my tears as He pulled me into a hug. He looked at zayn and glared. "I want you to leave... just pack your stuff and move out of here. I dont want to see you again at least not for awhile."  harry said through his teeth. I burried my head in his chest not wanted to look at zayn. I could hear him moving about. but before I knew it we were outside and heading towards the car. I got in the car and watched as Niall gave Harry a hug and said something to him i couldnt make it out though. then harry got in and we drove home. the entire ride was silent he held my hand never letting go but i didnt mind at all. My heart lightened a little knowing i wouldnt have to worry about zayn anymore. we got to the flat and went inside. I pulled harry to the bathroom and made him sit on the top of the toilet. "im fine" he said trying to stand up. I pushed him back down. "no your not let me atleast wipe the blood off." I grabbed a wash cloth and wet it. i started to dab at his lip carefully he winced a few times. "sorry" I mumbled wincing myself. He stared at me the whole time i cleaned him up. at the end when i pulled away he caught my hand and held me there. his green eyes keeping me in a trance. his hands held my waist as he stood up and kept staring at me. "how did i become so lucky" he leaned down and kissed the top of my head. I smiled at his simple gesture. "I should ask you  the same question." I giggled as he scooped me up in his arms and kissed my lips not drawing away.  we made it into the hall before he broke apart from my lips "i love you" he whispered sending chills down my spine. "i love you too." He carried me to the bedroom and we cuddled for a little while before getting up for the day. I guess it wasnt even 10 in the morning yet. the whole rest of the day we didnt talk at all about zayn or any of the boys for that matter. we just did what couples did best. eat, relax, and have sex. by the end of the day I was exhausted not just from our trips to the bedroom or not to the bedroom but form just having a long day. Harry and I wound up falling asleep on the floor in the living room tangled together just how i liked it.


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