Forever Alone ~COMPLETE~

~ boys arent famous~My name is Tyler Marie Newman. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 I lost both my parents and my 10 year old sister in a car wreck. I have recently moved to London to start my career as a photographer. But lets start with the day I met the man I was going to love forever. Little did I know forever would end quicker then I thought.


8. By Myself

Tylers POV

"knock knock"

I opened my eyes to light shining in through the windows. I looked at Harry and got up quietly and made my way to the door. "im coming" i said quietly. I unlocked the door and opened it slightly seeing Niall and Louis standing in the doorway. "oh hey" I said opening the door wider for them to come in. I stepped back and let them in. they came in but I watched as their faces turned a shade darker. why are they blushing thats when i remembered i was only wearing a t-shirt and one that didnt even cover my butt all the way. "oh my god" I screeched and tried to cover myself going back to my room. I lnow they saw my butt but there really wasnt anything i could do about it. after i put on some clothes i walked out of the room and saw Harry standing there stretching. "what happened?" he yawned. thats when louis walked up and threw his arm over m shoulder. "oh she was just giving niall and i here a show..." he winked at me. I blushed. "you wish" i said as i pushed his arm off and stood by harry. harry laughed "you forgot you only had a shirt on?" he asked. i frowned at him. "its not funny... your friends got to see my ass" I said giving him a smirk. louis and niall smiled. "trust me thats the first and last time you'll see it." he said as he pushed Niall a little and gave Louis a shove as well. they all started laughing. I love how im something to laugh at. "so what are you guys here for anyway?" I asked over their laughter. they stopped laughing and looked at harry. " we all need to talk to Liam hes taking it rough after him and dani's recent breakup." Niall said. "oh the poor guy, Harry go i wanted to go take pictures anyway." I said. Harry went and got dressed then gave me a kiss goodbye before heading out the door. "love you" he said. "i love you too" i said. he shut the door and i went to take a shower. as i stood in the shower my mind kept thinking back to my dream and how true it was. i was so scared though i didnt want harry to die i love him so much it hurts. I finished washing and got dressed. grabing my camera i headed for the park shutting the door.

      once i reached the park i instently began taking photos. the trees and the horizon. I spotted a swan on the pond. after i captured the swan i turned around and saw the same woman from my dream that walked by. as she came up to me i froze this cant be happening it was a dream it wasnt real. I kept saying to myself until i opened my eyes and she looked at me. "is that your phone i think you dropped it." she said . i let out the biggest sigh. "thank you" I said hesitantly. I picked it up and walked over to the vendor to order a hotdog. what is my problem it was just a dream. nothing is going to happen. harry is still here and im just paranoid. after getting my hotdog i sat down on the park bench and ate it.

      it was well past 8 when i finished taking photos and headed back to harrys. looking at the sky it looked like it was going to rain. i put my hood up and took a taxi to the flat. running up the stairs i dug for my keys pulling them out and unlocking the door. "harry?" i called seeing if he was home yet. no answer. i walked back to his spare room which now he turned into a developing room for me and shut the door. I began developing the photos one by one each of them looking better then the first. my favorite was a picture i took of the swan opening its wing and tucked beside it was the baby. I smiled over the success of my photos for today. washing my hands off i walked out of the room and was met by hands covering my eyes. "harry" I said giving a small laugh. the owner of the hands kissed my cheek then went to kiss my lips. i kissed back, wait these arent harrys soft plump lips. my eyes flew open and zayn was kissing me. i put my hands on his chest and tried to shove him off but it was no use he was stronger then me. finally he pulled away. my hand slapped him across the face leaving a red mark. "what the hell zayn!" I yelled at him. he smiled. "what?" he said like nothing just happened. "why would you kiss me. i love harry." i stated. he wrapped his arms around my waist. "oh you know you liked it." he taunted kissing my neck. i tried very hard not to let a moan slip from my lips as he hit my sweet spot. "ple-please zayn stop." I said he wouldnt listen he just made his way down my neck to the top of my shirt. "why are you doing this?" I asked "i want you" was all he said. before going back to my neck. thats when things started to get out of control. he pushed me up against the wall hitting my back hard. i let out a soft cry of pain before he silinced me with his mouth. he had my hands held with his hands holding me now on the floor. he let go with one hand reaching for my shirt and pulled it over my head. "zayn please..." I cried. tears started going down my face as i was forced to lay there and be raped by my fiances friend. finally he got me undressed and he had his shirt off and his length out. positioning it at my entrance he thrusted inside and didnt even let me adjust. i was in so much pain as he kept thrusting hard and kissing my chest. my face was now stained with tears as he cummed inside of me. giving me one last kiss he got up and adjusted himself walking to the front door. "night beautiful" he said shutting the door behind him. I sat up slowly still in a lot of pain and got to the bathroom. I layed in the shower letting the hot water hit me while the steam filled the air. what did i do to deserve that? what will i tell harry? i kept asking these questions until i heard the front door close. "Tyler im home" he yelled making sure i heard. I let the water wash the tears form my face before getting out and drying off. god i hurt so bad. my lower region was on fire. harry was never that hard. putting my clothes on and brushing my hair i felt arms go around me. i flinched. "its just me, sorry i scared you" he whispered in my ear. i softened and turned to hug him. "oh harry i missed you" i said hugging him tighter. "babe i was onlly gone the day. im sorry" he said back to me. "i know it just felt like forever." he nodded his head in agreement. then he pulled me into the bedroom and layed me down. "are you tired?" he said covering me up. "yes" i said closing my eyes as he kissed my forehead. "go to sleep then i will be in, in a moment" then he left. i layed there just thinkng of how i was going to tell harry...


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