Forever Alone ~COMPLETE~

~ boys arent famous~My name is Tyler Marie Newman. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 I lost both my parents and my 10 year old sister in a car wreck. I have recently moved to London to start my career as a photographer. But lets start with the day I met the man I was going to love forever. Little did I know forever would end quicker then I thought.


15. After

Tylers POV

Its been about two days now since the accident. I have some good cuts here and there but the worse one was the cut in my heart. I rolled over in bed feeling the emptyness of of the entire flat around me looking at the clock it read 3:15 am, I closed my eyes again trying to go back to sleep but I just couldnt. So I decided to get up and make some breakfast. As I made my way to the kitchen I pulled Harrys shirt to my nose taking in his scent. Ive been in the same outfit this whole time. once I got to the kitchen I started to make some muffins and bacon. as the muffins baked I grabbed my phone and went through the messages. there was quite a few from Niall, some from the rest of the boys and a couple from Ann. listening to the voicemails made me tear up. Hearing Nialls voice crack as he begged for me to pick up the phone. and then of course the funeral home telling me that Harrys funeral will be on August 14th at 11:00 am. I looked at the date on the calender. today is August 13th. I let out a big sigh and set my phone down. I opened the oven and grabbed the pan dropping it instantly. "Shit!" I yelled. I looked at my hand and saw that it had already started to blister. I didnt care though the pain I actually felt it. I sat on the floor staring at my hand. I actually felt th pain. It felt so good. after awhile I didnt even care about the mess in the kitchen I just went back to the bedroom and layed down.

Nialls POV

It was about 5 in the morning as I wiped away some more of my tears from the loss of my best mate Harry. the news hit me hard and Ive been trying to get ahold of Tyler the past few days but she wouldnt answer. I stared out the window of my flat taking in the scenery. tomorrow is the funeral. I have to be strong for Tyler. she needs someone there for her. I grabbed my phone again and sent her a message.

To Tyler: Hey Ty im going to pick you up for the funeral tomorrow so dont forget about it.

I didnt think she was going to reply so I set my phone back down sniffing some more and wiping my nose after blowing it.

Tylers POV

It still feels like Harry was still alive. like he never left and he will walk through the door any minute. pick me up and kiss me passionately. but as I stared at the door hours went by no one walked in it was just my thoughts. I didnt want to stay here anymore. I need to leave. I wanted to go back to Ireland get a small job just enough pay to make a living. so that was it I had set my mind on moving as soon as the funeral was over tomorrow. I couldnt tell anyone though. I didnt want them to stop me or to follow. I wouldnt even tell Niall because I cant lose him either.

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