Coco a 17 year old girl who has had a great life. Who will she run into once again that will ruin that for her? Coco also happens to love one direction, which boy Will she fall in love with? You'll just have to see for yourself.( by the way this is my first story so tell me what I could do better please!)


2. School

 Coco's P.O.V.

'ugh' time for school. I dreaded going to school. I would always get made fun of or get pushed around and kicked. And not to mention I have no friends. Well except for one. Her name is danae she has beautiful blonde hair and green eyes. She was nice and funny. She always stuck up for me when people would say mean or rude things to me. And she always makes me laugh when I'm sad. I met her at her locker, which was quite close to mine. 'Hi Coco!' she said happily getting her books out and putting them in her backpack. 'Hi and um why so happy?'I asked. She was always happy, but not this happy. 'I got tickets for one direction!!!!!!!!!!' she practically yelled.we both started screaming and jumping up and down. We stopped when we realized people were staring. 'When?!?!?!?!?!' 'AUGUST 4th!!!!' I was speechless that's only three months away. She could tell I was shocked. 'and guess what' I had a huge smile on my face already but we she said we got FRONT ROW SEATS, I nearly passed out. We once again starting screaming until we were interrupted by.... Of coarse Tracy. My biggest enemy. We've hated each since first grade when she completely ebarrased me. But I'd rather not talk about that. Me and Danae decide to head to class after our fangirling. We went to four classes then it was lunch. Lunch used to be the worst, until some teachers started seeing me get pushed around day after day and they finally did something. Well kind of. They just had me and Danae sit inside a classroom for lunch, but it was enough. 

Harry's P.O.V

'GUYS SHUT THE FUCK UP IM TRYING TO SLEEP!!!!' i swear to god these boys. Up all  night playing video games. I can hardly ever sleep. As they keep on screaming and whining that they lost I continued to try to sleep. Obviously they didn't hear me before  so there not gonna hear me now. 

I got absolutely no sleep last night and I didn't think I was going to sleep tonight either. The boys would be playing that stupid game every chance they got. Anyways once we all got to rehearsals I passed out on the stage. I woke up to my body guard Paul shaking me so I would wake up.'harry,harry wake up. What's up with you lately? You've been sleeping through every single rehearsal for the past 3 weeks.' he sounded both concerned and angry. 'sorry the boys have been up almost every single night playing this stupid video game, and there being insanely loud. I try to tell them to shut up but they never listen'. 'well I'll try and talk to then later you need to go get some sleep, like now.' I answered him with a simple ok, then quickly fell asleep for I don't know how long.

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