Coco a 17 year old girl who has had a great life. Who will she run into once again that will ruin that for her? Coco also happens to love one direction, which boy Will she fall in love with? You'll just have to see for yourself.( by the way this is my first story so tell me what I could do better please!)


1. I don't want to talk

  Coco's P.O.V

'everything seemed normal until he came' I said. 'who came?' my counselor said. She was nice. She always calmed me down. Whenever I had issues I went to her. 'josh' I answered hesitantly. My counselor or jewels is what I call her, she looked at me confused. 'who is josh?' again I hesitated to answer. I neglected to tell her about him. 'h-he is my ex'. She once again looked at me slightly surprised. It was quiet for a few moments. All you could here was the quiet,calming music playing outside the room. 'you seem some what afraid of josh, why is that?' I didn't want to answer. All of those terrible memories wee flooding back Into my head. Tears started slowly forming in my eyes as I was thinking of how to answer.'what's wrong?!' jewels asked me. 'h-he had a-abused me' I answered. Her eyes widened at as I answered. 'oh my god I'm so so sorry' she said getting up and pulling me into a big hug. At this point I was bawling. Next thing I know there was a knock on the door 'Coco your sessions done!' I heard my mom say from behind the door. 'ok' I simply answered wiping my eyes making unnoticeable that I was crying, just mo nets ago. I began walking out the door when my mom asked me, how'd it go?' I didn't want to talk about it my mom never knew about josh. She knew we were friends, but I wouldn't dare tell her I dated him. Luckily she never found out what josh had done to me. I never wanted her to know. 'it went well' I lied. Of coarse I lied. Why wouldn't I lie. My thoughts were soon interrupted by 'what did you talk about?'. Really mom, really. You just had to ask that. I can't tell her about josh! What do I say?! 'umm school,drama,life, stuff like that'. Again I lied. I didn't want to lie I hate lying to my family, but NO NONE could know what he did to me.

Harry's P.O.V

'Guys Quiet!!!' god why can't these boys quit yelling. It's so annoying. 'fine' Louis snapped back. I gotta say I love traveling with the lads but things can get really out of hand. 'I'm gonna get some fresh air' I said. It was really hot in the bus. Ecspecially cause Louis and zayn just about got into a fist fight right now. They argue about the stupidest things. Like last week they were arguing about who gets the bottom bunk since when the bus turns you can easily fall out. The other day they were fighting about who gets the remote, and now, there arguing about who stands closest to the end of the stage. (closer to the girls of coarse.) Manegment should really set up that kind of stuff during rehearsals. I heard Niall talking about something. I'm not sure what though. He's probably just complaining about how hungry he is, again. 'what's going on in here... Whoa, ummm may e I should let you two cool off'. After about 15 minutes I walked back inside the tour bus, crawled into bed, and fell asleep.

Well this is my first chapter I hope you guys like it. If you did comment. I know I need to improve so feel free to let me know what I need to fix in the comments as well!!!

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