Coco a 17 year old girl who has had a great life. Who will she run into once again that will ruin that for her? Coco also happens to love one direction, which boy Will she fall in love with? You'll just have to see for yourself.( by the way this is my first story so tell me what I could do better please!)


3. Deal breaker

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up on my bunk in the bus. 'what the hell, I thought I was at rehearsals'. I don't remember anything that happened at rehearsals besides the talk I had with Paul. 

Im hungry I hadn't eaten since yesterday. I decided to go get a small snack out of the fridge. I got up and walked to the kitchen. When I opened the fridge, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. NOTHING. It was completely empty. 'NIALL!!!!!!' I waited for a couple minutes. 'NIIIIIAAAALLLL!!!!!' after another 2-3 minuted of waiting he came staggering in. Great the boys drank last night. 'what do you want Harry' niall asked me sounded hungover and half asleep. ' Niall take a moment and look in the fridge for me please.' he looked very confused, but he did as I said and looked in the fridge. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. 'GUYS GET IN HERE LIKE NOW!!!' he yelled. After about a minute all the boys were In The kitchen. 'what' they all groaned simultaneously. 'WE HAVE NO FOOD, IT'S ALL GONE LITERALLY ALL OF IT!!!!!' everyone just shrugged and walked away. 'Niall I'll be right back I'm gonna call Paul back real quick. 'ok'.

When I called Paul i told him everything that happened. He sounded quite upset since that food was supposed to last us for over a month, and we have strict rules from management that we can't go out shopping while the sun was up since fans will attack us. While I was waiting foe paul to bring me some food I went on twitter. Nothing new. Just fans commenting on everything the boys and I say. After a while paul brought my food, and I soon fell asleep.

Coco's P.O.V

Back to school again today. I did my same morning routine. Get up, get ready, and walk to school. But instead of meeting Danae by her locker today, I saw her with every single popular girl there is, laughing and making jokes about me. I burst into tears and ran into the bathroom. I kept on crying until I couldn't cry anymore. I then realized it was 10 a.m. Oh shit I skipped first and second period. I ran to the office, the ran to biology. Of coarse this was my worst class. Well now it was. I had to sit next to the person who betrayed me. After all the times we stood up for each other, after all the secrets we shared, after all the goods times we had. It felt like a bebe shooting your heart.

After I ran into to the class and got into my seat,I got a note.

From:Danae- listen I'm sorry about this morning I didn't mean what I said about you at all. I'm really sorry, please please please forgive me. Your my best friend in the world. I promise I didn't tell them ANY of your secrets. When I saw you run away I felt terrible. I tried to chase after you but the bell rang. Please please forgive me I promise I would never mean to hurt you in any way.

I wrote back -ok I will forgive you, but why did your do it?

 - I will explain at lunch I promise!

I nodded and went on with class.

Lunch soon came and she explain everything to me. She told me when she walked into the school this morning all of the so called 'populars' came up to her and said "listen we will make a deal with you, you start hanging out with us and we never never talk bad about you again. If you choose to stay with yourvlittlevfriend of yours, we will continue to pick on you and her everyday" 

She didn't tHink it through properly and just agreed. I forgave her, we hugged and spent the rest of lunch together until our next class.

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