Leave me Behind

Just me being bored looking for something to do that's constructive haha constructive criticism welcome!


1. Leave me behind

Leave me behind


Now that you’re gone from my life

Now you wonder if it’s right

Leave me behind

Now you’re sitting all alone

In the bed you made your own

Leave me behind

Boy I’m done with all the pain

You have nothing left to gain

Leave me behind


Because I’d rather have the truth

Than live a lie with you

Leave me behind

Go on and walk right through the door

Don’t wanna see your face anymore

Leave me behind

Boy I’ve been through this before

And I’ve fallen to the floor

Leave me behind


Leave the life that we have built

Forget the love that you have killed

Leave me behind

Cause I can’t live in regret

For every moment that we spent

Leave me behind

When you’re sitting there with her

Forgetting who we were

Leave me behind


And now I’m on the mend,

Ignore the messages you send

Leave me behind

I can see that you moved on,

Burning brighter than the sun,

Leave me behind

Don’t give a second thought for me,

Forget the way it used to be,

Leave me behind


Baby don’t feel bad,

About the times we had,

Leave me behind

Just know that I have no regrets,

And now it all makes sense,

Leave me behind

Baby the choices that you made

The way you let us fade

Leave me behind


The words I’ll try to find

Please don’t try to be kind

Because you’re the one who left me behind.


(I know it's a bit repetitive but I couldn't come up with a good chorus so I decided to roll with one line and see what happened)

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