Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


29. WHAT

After dinner we headed back to the stage to get ready . i  hear the campers walk in and i hear them all laughing and talking. 

'You guys ready currents up in 10' i hear someone yell backstage.

'Yes' we wall scream .

Melody wishes us luck and head to the crowd with the other campers. I walk around doing weird stuff to get my mind off things. I start to dance around and sing and i hear them yell '5 minutes' i walk to the side of the stage to see Ariana getting ready behind the current while they introduce us .

' We have a little surprise for you thanks to Miranda Rose we have some special guess. who here likes Justin Bieber?" i hear the man ask . I hear most off them scream.

'Ariana Grande?" i hear him ask . and again screams.

"Austin Mahon" the same 

"and Finally One Direction " and i hear a million screams.

I see the currents go up while Ariana fixes her blue dress and fix her mic. I hear the screams and i see her smile and the music to her new song Baby I starts to play and i hear her sing and the same for Put Your Hearts Up and her cover of Love The Way You Lie. she walks off the stage smiling and goes sits down for some water and it's my turn i fix my heels and shirt and mic and head to the stage and the currents open and i look out and see my sister and Melody and my friend Austin and Katie. I hear the screams and start to sing Impossible then i get my guitar and start to sing the song i wrote.

'They say we werent ever meant to be

That we were to young for love

And that you have forgot and i am just a day dreamer but


Your heart beat got my thinking like this

your laugh has me smiling 

your eyes make me melt and

its just you and the Heart beat

H-H-H-H-Heart beat (3x)" i sing the rest and stand in the middle of the stage and wait for Justin to come so we can sing but he never does i see someone come get my sister and Melody and i see Ariana pointing to me telling me to come there

"I will be back in a few so here is Austin Mahone' i say running off the stage. I run to Ariana and she pulls me / runs to the backdoor  and i see a life less Justin being put in a ambulance and i run to his side and im pushed back and i kick and scream and im pulled inside and i sit down and see Austin run in .

"There screaming they want Justin ' he says out of breath.

"Boys go on and i will come back after that ." I say crying into a pillow.

I see all the boys walk to me and hug me and Niall and Harry kiss my forehead and they walk to the stage. I see Cody walk in and he see's me crying and Melody walks to him and tells him something and he freezes and he tells her something and she puts her hand over her mouth and drops to the ground crying and i see my sister run up to her to help her up .They all walk over to me and Cody gets his guitar and starts to sing a song i listen to when im sad "Tears on your pillow" My sister comes sits next to me and Melody is sitting on my over side after i calm down i go fix my makeup and walk on stage.

"I was going to sing my new song with Justin but he had to leave and so here is Cody simpson to make it up im so sorry but we will give yall tickets to his next concert. if he has anymore" i think the last part and walk off stage with the boys and we sit down and after a while we head back for the remix finally . We finally get done and we all run to our cabins and get our stuff and run to the car i tell my sister i will call her later and i will pick her up in the morning because she got accepted to to be a freshman at the school. if i even go . We drive to the school and we all change i put on some sweats and boots and we run back to the cars and drive to the hospitial . We run to the front desk and ask for Justin room number . "1259' she says.

Me and Melody and Louis and Niall and Harry walk to the room only to see and hear .......


cliff hanger i have good news there will be a second one coming out around September 5 th and bad news the store only had 2 chapters left . sorry i didnt update i was busy today was my first day as a freshman .


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