Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


19. What Happened last night .

**********(Miranda'a POV)***********

I wake up in my bed and the first thing that happens is a big headache hits me. I  sit up and think " Hangover!!" I look over and see sierra in Melody's bed i get up and walk to the restroom and i look in the mirror to find a big bump on my head .

"What happened last night and how did i get back here?"

i get in the shower and remember i have to go some were today and i need to find Justin and see what happened ? I finish my shower plug in my hair straighter and put my makeup out on my counter and run into the room to see sierra still asleep. I get my clothes and go back to the bathroom and play Mindless Behavior i put on my outfit

and i am getting ready when i hear someone knocking on the door i throw a pillow to sierra but i missed " man i'm never drinking again  " i think to myself i run to sierra and wake her up and i answer to see my friend Abrea . I invite her in and as soon as she enters she hears Mindless Behavior playing and starts singing . I have to finish getting ready so me and Abrea can go to shopping we go at least once a week together i get sierra to leave and me and Abrea are singing and dancing while getting ready. I put it on a mash up i edited of Austin Mahone and Justins song i hear a knocking at the door i wonder if it's Justin so i call his number to see what it says when i call i call his number and i hear our mashup from practice i smile and i hear him talking to someone and he answers the phone and i walk to the bathroom and tell the plan to Abrea.

JJUUUSTTTTIIIIIINNNNNN" me and Abrea scream into the phone and i hear the door swing open and me and Abrea act like nothing happened and just finish getting ready i grab my favorite perfume "Girlfriend"  and spray it and spin in it i land facing Justin and i see someone with him in a hoodie but who. He takes off the glasses and it's Austin Mahone i scream and run to him and hug him i haven't seen him since he did a performance here and i was picked to show him around school and we hung out together i mean we text and stuff but this has to be the best thing that has happened to me this week 

Austin i missed you " i scream to the top of my lungs and hug him

Swaggy song " I hear Justin say i look over at him and blush and i see Austin laughing 


I  see Niall, Harry ,Louis , Zayn  and ,Melody.I look over and see Justin Staring at Harry he looks kinda mad at him .  I look over at Zayn and he tells me to meet him in the studio in my dorm we walk in there.

Zayn im so sorry about the past i wanted to talk to you but Melody keep pulling me away when ever she sees you ..

Miranda it's okay don't worry and do you want to know what happened last night .

Yes please i just know i have a bump on my head and Justin looks like he is going to murder Harry  and James keeps calling me and Justin has a black eye and cuts on him .

First off all James kissed you last night to make Justin jealous and they got into a fight and Sierra talked you into going to the club and you went and Harry got you to drink and you weren't drunk just tipsy  and you danced with Harry and Justin saw your tweet and looked for you and Sierra was being rude and he found you and when he did he pulled you away and you and Sierra passed out and Justin drove you back here.

Zayn how do you know all this ?

First Justin called me and Niall after skating looking for you and i was at the Club with Harry because im his ride home. 

OMG i mist have really hurt Justin thanks Zayn i know how to make it up to Justin but i need yours and the boys help .


Sorry it's short i dont feel good see some of these places are places i been to like the rink and whats coming up in the story


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