Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


26. What do they want

Whats up with you Miranda?" i hear a voice say

"Just saw some old friends." I look up and see Ariana smiling as we hug.

"okay so we have rehearsals in a hour then dinner then the show want to walk around the camp some then come back and get ready?" i hear her ask as Melody walks in the cabin looking worried i bet i can guess why.

"Um can i just relax and i will met you and the boys at the Auditorium." i say walking to my suit case to put my hoodie away.

"Okay see you guys around" Ariana say as im walking to a table to open up my laptop out.

I see her walk out the door and Melody comes to the table to. I get on twitter and check my Facebook and try to write some music.

"You saw him didn't you ?" i ask typing on my computer.

"Yea you to im guessing " says on her phone.

"Yea he looked right at me and freaking smiled the others have to be here to."I say choosing a song to play while i get start to get ready trying to ignore that there here.

"But if Johns here then Selena and James have to be here too ." Melody says getting out her makeup .

"I don't know and can just drop it we have to be at the Auditorium to rehearse in 30 minutes." i say not trying to sound rude.

"Okay" is all i hear Melody say

We do our makeup since we didn't have time to do it earlier we keep the same outfit on and we dance around and sing trying to forget about "them" . Till i get a text.

From Selena:

Good luck at your show cant wait . Tell Melody to watch out for Louis is is pretty cute.

i ignore the test and lock my phone . I decide just to tell Louis later and to not bring Mel in to this . I see its 6:40 and we have to be there at 7 so we finish up and grab out stuff and head down to the Auditorium . We stopped a few times for pics and to see old friends since we went to this camp a bunch in the summer when first came here.

"You nervous Miranda  since we are all singing that big mash-up and we have all ways made them not preform them " i hear Melody say as we see the Boys.

"A little i hope i dont mess up hen y'all will all get thrown off track." i say looking at the ground.

"you won't remember we all have came up with a plan encase we mess up." she says giving Louis and the other boys a hug and i see Cody and Austin and Justin walking to me . So i give them all a hug .

I see Melody and Louis they both look so cute so i decide to tell Louis now.

 "Louis can i talk to you and Justin and Harry and Niall for a moment." i say and they all look at me like they know somethings up. I get them behind the stage .

"First off is that the-" i was cut off by them all 

"there here we know we all saw Selena " they all say looking worried.

"that and i got a text from Selena" i say pulling out my phone.

" We got one to about you and a video" they say pulling out there phones and Justin handed me his while i give mine to them to read the text while i read.

"Good luck Babe;) and why would you want that -----> I look down and see a video i press play and it's me and Harry at the club dancing. " 

"Miranda before you fall out look at my phone." i hear harry and Niall say handing me there phones.

I see a text from Selena  " Hey cutie. look i got this video and next time you think about something just remember i have this." I read and below is the video again.

Can this girl just take a break im leaving in a day why cant she just leave us alone." I ask freaking out .

"Look shawty i talked to her earlier and she said we can text and facetime just not been seen together and i got a plan to see each other again." I hear Justin say as he tries to calm me down .

"Look Louis stay close to Mel and we need to all stick together okay." 


sorry its short its a chapter filler and i am SO THANKFUL for the support all of your comments are nice i have never got hate on here thank you . i have a idea on how to end this but i need some help got any ideas post on my twitter or on here thanks just say "I have a idea" 

Twiter: @favorite_girl45


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