Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


10. The Swim

Miranda : Im so happy i get to sing with you babe !!

Justin : Me to Miranda 

Miranda : how did they hear my voice when i didn't send my disc yet

Justin : i don't know 

Miranda : Justin what did you do ?

Justin : When we were singing the other day i kinda maybe played it over the school speakers live .


Justin : NO YOU WONT !

i start chasing him around the dorm and i can't find him i start to worry when to arms are wrapped around my waist. 

Miranda : Don't do that you scared the Canadian out of me .

Justin : Sorry shawty what ya doin today ?

Miranda : Might go to the pool to chill and relax since what happened earlier this week.

Justin : okay see you later . and at that he kisses me and seems to look worried and at that i see two familiar girls but i cant make it out to who it is I'm still dizzy

----------------------------------Later that day -----------------------------

Melody : Miranda guess who is here now?

Miranda : i don't know who ?

Melody : Selena freaking Gomez !!!!

Miranda : really Melody ?

Melody : yes 

Miranda : okay tell Louis or the guys to keep a eye on her

Melody : will do and she is seen with a new friend that goes by the name Summer Bay 


Melody : YES and they know about the contest and you won and Selena knows about you and Justin the boys told her kinda and she is not happy!!

 Miranda : I don't care i am going swimming to calm down i will be at the pool .

Melody : okay.

and at that i head into my room and change into my purple bikini and put on one of Justin's shirt he let me have as a cover up i out on my flip flops and grab my bag with my towel and headphones. and head to the pool near the dance building .

i get there and no one is there i get in the water and swim for a bit and go under water luckily this water is salt water so i can open my eyes under water all of the sudden i see a girl with long brown hair swim to my direction and she pushes me more under till i cant breath then it all goes black. 

---------Melody's POV-----------------

Melody : Justin were is Miranda she said she would meet us her at 3 and it 3:30 maybe we should go look for her maybe something happened .

Justin : Okay let's just hope nothing happened.

Melody : you go check pool 1 on that side of the building and i will check pool 2 okay .

Justin : okay  

i head to the pool and try to call Miranda and i hear her phone and i see a girl with long brown hair run around the corner and a blonde but i just ignore them i see a girl at the bottom of the pool it looks like Miranda and i just scream for Justin.


i collapse into the floor only to cry then Justin gets down to my level and ask "were is she?" all i do is point at the pool then you see him pull his shirt and shoes and watch off and he dives after here i just hope i dont lose my best friend and Justin doesn't lose his first love.

--------Miranda's POV-------------

i blacked out and i see a flood of memories good and bad i see some with Justin and some with Melody , Trinity , the boys and more. i feel the pain and suffering and all them times  the i hear new things about the Boys and Justin.i feel cold air hit my face as if someone lift me out of the water i hear someone crying it sounds like Mel telling someone how to do CPR then i feel someone lips up against mine i cant tell there Justin's the moment his lips touch mine i feel like I'm floating on a cloud i hear more people come into the pool it sounds like Niall and Louis. Niall runs to me and it sounds like Louis is with Melody . Justin pulls away from me and tries again and then i feel a shirt being put on me and i hear more people come in they sound like paramedics they hook me up to a machine and put a ask on me and i just lay there i hear the  paramedics talking to Justin and Mel and the Boys and they say even though i have a pulse I'm not going to wake up anytime soon . 

I hear Justin yell and start hitting things then Melody trying to calm him down but they both break and i lose it i try to open my eyes and try to move but i struggle then i hear the voices i  really needed to hear.It's Justin and Mel and Louis and Niall and Liam ans Zayn . then i hear a extra voice its JOHN. I don't really want to see him and most do not want to hear his voice . I hear them all taking turns to talk 

Melody: Come on Girly wake up when you do i will be on of the first thing you see.

Louis: Wake up Please it kills us to see you hurt after you just been threw. it kills and and Melody both

Liam : Please wake up we need you .

Harry: Please Love wake up its killing us not hearing your voice and seeing those beautiful eyes.

Niall: Come Princess this Irish boy needs you.

Zayn: i know its been a while i just need to see those eyes. 

Justin :Come on shawty i miss those lips and eyes and laugh . i hear him cracking up like he about to cry.

 As they take me into my room since i was fine just knocked out and the nurse is going to check on me 3 times a day and i down the hall in our building . They let Justin stay in our dorm and he sleeps in the extra bed next me.



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Shout out to my friend Melody. Check out her stories at Melody_Tomlinson (one direction fan fics)


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