Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


4. The Story


Melody who's all coming to the  8th grade ball ?

i know harmony is coming and Taylor and Ashley and Christian and Jacob and someone else! i could see a she was planning something because when she does she always has a half smile .

who melody tell me!!!

just wait okay .

okay . we need to start getting ready the dance is in three hours 


----------while getting hair done at the mall-------

hey Miranda guess who's in Florida today?


Justin Bieber he just put it a picture of the American Eagle here at the mall .

cool maybe i should post a pic of me getting my hair done .

Okay and while your at it ask him to go to he 8th grade ball with you.

okay he wont go with me i really don't think he'll go or even see my tweet.but okay 

so i get out my iPod i'm lucky this mall has free wifi  . i get on twitter and put 




" @justinbieber will you be my date to my 8th grade ball please?!



and at that i put my phone down and ask the person doing my hair to turn on Justin Bieber . they normally don't take request to play music but i have been coming here since i was little and my Aunt Misty would bring me to get my hair done and after she died my mom continue the tradition . so they play One Less Lonely Girl because it has always been my favorite since it came out . i see Louis and so does Mel she does a little girly wave because she is nervous because tonight Louis is her date  i put up a peace sign . i see couples walking around the mall and school all the time and i think when is it my turn since me and Zayn broke up no one has even tried to go out with me . i whisper " all ways going to me a lonely girl " . then as the song starts to end they play With You by Chris Brown . then i hear my phone go crazy with Twitter post that have me tagged in i go to the bottom and see 

"@smile_justin12   yes and your my One Less Lonely Girl ;)  -@justinbieber"

i read threw the rest of tweets 100+ i see a few that caught my eye like 

"@Bieber_bri PLEASE POST PICS #OLLG @smile_justin12 "


"@Elina_JBieber you go girl @smile_justin12 " i laugh and look around to see if i see Justin but then my eyes are covered  and i hear  a voice near my ear say " Yes call me " he takes his hands off my eyes and i get turned around to him and were face to face and i am smiling like a idiot and Melody's in shock trying to take pics and not trying to mess up her hair .

Hey Shawty i never got your name ?

Miranda i know yours already . i cant stop smiling i must really look like a idiot .

pretty name for a pretty girl hey i have to go since i now have to get a suit and stuff.

oh i forgot thanks for answering me .

hers something i picked up for you and my number so you can give me the details on the dance.

okay bye i have to get ready to my hair person Tyler is getting mad at both of us. we both start laughing and he hands me a small box and a piece of paper i guess it was his number and it was it also said "do not open till the dance " and goes to Tyler and says something and points my way and they walk to the radio and they play "Moment for life " i smile and he walks back and says " i wish that i could have this moment for life and hands me a new piece of paper and it says " i really like you even though we just meet ".

i start smiling like crazy while they finish our hair and Melody's asking 100 questions per second.

once were done i thank then and go to pay but they say Justin already did and they hand me a note and it says "  follow the arrows " so i do so "

first one i see's points to a dress store and the lady hands me a note again with the notes . " see the dress on the rack all by its self its lonely and i hate seeing things lonely like you " i pick it up and they lady says to Melody  " here's 100 dollars go get a new dress' Mel all most screams but see's Louis so she acts cool . while Mel finds her a dress i look around and see the same lady she tells me to come here so i do 

hey Justin left these for you personally picked.

i look down to see a beautiful pair of heels and i get them and see Melody waiting to go try on our dresses and OMG he has good taste in dresses and he got my size .

i go out to the run way and see Mel already out there and i look across the mall and see Justin trying out  tuxedo i smile at him because he looks se-cute . he see's me to and smiles like a idiot and i laugh to and i run to the changing room and in my jacket i see i got his number i totally forgot i had i text it and say "its bad to see a girl in a dress before the dance and looking good ;) "

i get dressed and look back at my phone and see a reply from Justin 

"You don't look so bad your self i still need details on later like what time and place ?

okay 8:00 and pick me up at my house just ask Melody that later. okay now can i go get ready"

"yes shawty"

as i walk out the store i get star struck and it hits me i'm going to my 8th grade ball with Justin Bieber 

-----------Later as there getting ready at Miranda's house------------

you nervous Miranda ?

yea what about you your going with Louis Tomlinson male lead in chorus 

So your going with Justin and Louis is going to leave in a few days for X-factor .

oh i forgot you okay with him leaving since y'all  just started going out .

yea he said he would call and Skype and face time .

okay just don't get hurt 

i'm not Miranda just you don't get hurt since he's famous 

As she says that i start to think what if this night lets to us dating would the fame drive me crazy or will it work out or would he leave right after the dance.

"ALL YOU BIEBER FANS GOING TO YOUR BALL TONIGHT JUST REMEMBER THIS NEW SONG AND BE IN THE WATCH I HEARD BIEBERS GOING WITH A LUCKY LADY!!! I hear the radio and they start to play "First Dance" we both laugh and finish getting ready and we hear a knock on the door and i hear my dad talking to some boy so i expect it to be just then my little sister Madison scream "ITS JUSTIN BIEBER " me and Melody both laugh and put a little lip gloss on and put our heels on and check our outfit in the mirror and head down and i guess he picked up Louis because he was standing next to justin .  There he is at the bottom of the stairs  in his black suit and pink tie, holding a corsage  it was black with color in the roses. he starts to blush and just stares at me i feel my cheeks heating up .

I get down the stairs and see Louis looking at the top of the stairs and he about falls out  and Melody just stands there like a idiot then she starts walking down and almost trips in her heels i told her since she got a long dress to stick to converses . we all walk out to see a limo with purple detail i about fall out and we get in and head to the school i just hope tonight goes perfect and the "preps" don't get in my way .

------------At the ball ------------

We walk in and all eyes are on us but i just grab Justin's hand and i instantly feel something i couldn't explain.  i look over my shoulder and see the preps looking at us i could tell the lead of the group Summer was planing something she hated seeing my kind happy or with any cute boy she's the reason Zayn left me .

Justin must have seen that i was hot because he asked 'Do you want something to drink " i don't say anything i just nod because i don't want to screw things up . 

he walks off and i see Melody and Louis walking towards our table but she tells Louis something and he walks off , she comes to the table and ask where Justin is i was worried to its been a little while since he left i look at the DJ table to see if maybe he was over there and i look pass the DJ and see him kissing a beach blonde its Summer . i don't now what got me i felt my heart drop i want to start to cry but i'm in to much pain i'm speech lease. i just pull off my heels and run to the door i see Justin look at me he tries to catch me but but i dive into the limo he gets in next to me and tries to explain but i just ignore  him i get the nerve and i say .

"Just go back to your Prep looks like your having more fun with her you know i thought you were different  i thought you weren't like them celebrity who play a girl then leaves'.

"i'm not i didn't kiss her and if you don't believe me then i understand here is the gift i wanted you to open if you don't want to then i understand i will go get Melody if you want to go home."

Don't bother her i don't want to mess up her 8th grade ball  i will just wait here or i will call my Mom to get me ".

I am getting  Melody  you need her she is your best friend.


He leaves and i just throw my shoes across the limo Melody opens the door and it hits her and Louis in the head they sure do know how to make me laugh .

come in side Miranda . they both said at the same time man these two are perfect together. 


No you're not your heart broken. i hear Melody say i cant help it i just burst out in tears this is the first time have never cried like this since Zayn . 

if you don't want to then we understand and here is a letter its from Justin he wanted you to read it . i throw it in my purse and think and i open the box to find a charm bracelet and a note that say " Your heart is my key and mine is yours" i look down to see a necklace with a little diamond heart locket and a silver key . i put it on i don't know why i did man its hard to stay mad at that boy . Melody hopped in the limo

 Justin called another limo to pick them up there going to Louis flat to hang out and were going home do you want me to stay the night? 

No Mel its fine and i have to leave tomorrow after noon for Atlanta anyways remember .

OH yea im gonna miss you .

same here 

--------when they get to Miranda'a house-------


i yell from my door to my house 


i run to the limo and grab my purse and i try to walk away with out the letter 

Come on Miranda give him a chance and at that i grab it and run into my house i run to my room  while my mom is asking 100+ things i just ignore it and throw the letter into a moving box .

---------END OF FLASHBACK------------- 



Sorry it took so long i have had things going on and what ya think going to happen .

Twitter: @smile_justin12


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