Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


14. The Rink

We pull up to the Rink and as soon as we get out of the car a bunch of girls run to me and Justin. I grab Justin's hand and run to the side the door and Cody the Owner is there he is around my age but his parents are rich and bought the rink for him . He takes us down a hall way that leads to the rink. 

It has been so long since i have been here and it will be mine and Justin's first date really. I think Justin was getting worried he was shaking a bit .

Miranda: You okay Justin?

Justin: Yea just scared of being chased .

Miranda: Hey Cody you got a hoddie Justin can use.

Cody: Yea here you go i had a feeling this was going to happen .

Justin : what do you mean?

Cody : Miranda called me when yall stopped for gas and told me yall were coming so i was waiting by the door and got a hoodie for you to wear.

And as he said that he opened the door and there it was my favorite rink. and my favorite song "People like us by Kelly Clarkson was playing  while Justin waited for Melody and Louis i went and got our skates.

Miranda:2 Roller Blades size 81/2 and 7 .

Chris: Here you go . and i am handed a purple and black pair of roller blades that are my size . and a regular pair for Justin.

Miranda: Thank you but those 8 1/2 aren't my skates i'm fine with the regular ones.

Chris: i was told to give you those Miranda from a guy name Justin .

Miranda: Thanks Chris.

Chris: welcome

and i walk past Justin and see that Mel and Lou are here i go to the bench and text them and tell them to come get there skates. mine are easy to put on so by time they got there im already in mine. 

Melody: Couldn't have waited even though me and Louis have our own skates doesn't mean we don't have to wait for Justin. and at the end of that Justin was in his skates.

Miranda: hey Justin is it alright if i go see some old friends so we can get used to our skates i have some guy friends here that you could hang out with .

Justin : Sure and hey Louis want to go to so Mel can go see her friends to.

Louis : sure

and as they say that Melody comes over to me, and Justin goes over there by Louis, and me and Melody start to look for our friends when some one pulls me by my waist i turn around and it's Justin .

Miranda: What Justin?

Justin: I need my good bye kiss.

Miranda: You have to catch me first.

and at that i take off on my skates and on to the rink  i hear Come and Get it playing i laugh and  look at Justin who just got on the rink. Once I  never knew he was good at rollerblading, I listened to the beat of the song and followed that. Justin was on my butt which I think he didn't mind. I spead up playing with the distance between us. I soon made a quick turn for the wall in front of the dj stand. 

Miranda: I win.

Justin: Man 

He made a sad face. I grabbed his right cheek and said aww. I kissed the same cheek and went to find Melody. When I found her she was in our old hangout corner. She was talking to Sierra and James. 

Sierra: Ahhh Miranda. 

She stood up in one quick motion she definitly has lost her flexibility. She hugged me and James stood up and gave me a hug also.

James: Hey

Miranda: Hey 

Melody: So

Melody interrupted our awkward conversation. Thank God and Lord of Jesus.

Melody: Has Griffin changed any?

Sierra: Nope its bad as ever.

Melody: Yay!


**Melody's POV**

We all talked for a while. I was facing the wall of our old hang out corner. Lots of old memories and drama filled moments locked into one corner. I was in my own world when two hands grabbed my side. I stiffened up because I don't like it when people touch my stomach. 

Louis: Hey love whatcha doing in the corner?

He said sitting down behind me. 

Melody: I told you not to touch my stomach like that.

I said moving out of his grip and I moved into a comfortable position. We all started talking for a while and then I got up to go get something to drink. I skated over to the vending machine and right before I was about to put my dollar in a girl with blonde hair, dark tan skin, and bright pink skates cut in front of me.

Melody: Umm excuse me peasant.

Way to go Melody you're also turning back into your old self.

The girl: Your excused.

She said while turning around. I couldn't believe it, it was Summer. My arch skating rink enemy and the same girl that drowned Miranda.

Melody: Summer? What are you doing here?

Summer: Isn't it obivous? Skating duh. 

She pressed the top button on the vending machine with the word Pepsi on it. And skated half way, stopped and turned around. 

Summer: Oh and I hope you don't plan on doing the races. I will just beat you like all the other times.

She smirked and skated away. I hate, loath, and despised her. I couldn't believe she was here. But I wasn't going to let one girl ruin my night. I put my dollar in the machine and pressed the Dr. Pepper button, grabbed my drink, and skated back to Louis, Miranda and them. When I got back Justin was there and they were all talking about something. I didn't sit down I bent down and asked Miranda if we could skate alone. When we got to the skating floor we went to the middle where people jammed skated and told her my run in with Summer.

Miranda: What?! She's here?!

Melody: But don't freak out and I have got to practice my skating techniques because I am racing tonight.

Miranda: I will watch out for you.

Melody: Thanks your a great friend/sister.

Miranda: Welcome.

I skated off I kept picking up speed and turning the corners. I went back to my old technique of staying low and near the middle. I stopped when they turned on the lights and the dj said, "Please clear the floor for the races." I looked over at Miranda and Justin, and Louis they were standing at the starting line ready to cheer me on. I went over there and waited with them until they called girls 13-up. When he did I went to the white line and stood there. I was the only girl out there until Summer skated onto the rink.

Summer: Long time no see. Ehh how was your Dr. Pepper?

Instead of saying anything I just got into my starting position and waited for the dj to say go.

DJ: Okay this race will be for one lap.

Melody: Actually.(I interrupted loudly.) Let's make this one 2 laps.

DJ: Okay this race will be for 2 laps only no pushing, no shoving and stay outside of the yellow. The first one to past the white line first is the winner. On your mark, get set, GO!

With that I was off we were hair on hair on the first lap but I soon passed her on the second and last lap. Justin, Louis, and Miranda were cheering me on. She was right behind me and I was just about to cross the finish line when I felt my right skate stop instantly. I fell onto the cold hard floor with excruciating pain.  

Miranda: MELODY!!

I heard Miranda scream


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