Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


31. The Question

We walk into the room only to see and hear his mom crying and i hear the heartbeat thing working fine he is breathing . I walk up to Pattie and hug her and she whispers  in my ear. "I knew he would remember and find you ." she says and i smile through my tears and i ask for a moment alone. I walk over to the side of the bed and just look at him last time it was him looking at me like this now i know how he felt. All i can do is talk like he did to me so i sit on the bed next to his knee and grab his hand and the heart meter gets a little faster .

"Last time we were here you where  the one looking at me like this now i know how this feels. The crowd was wild now i know why you love it so much.I was surprised to see that day being chased by girls and i didnt even know it was you at that time . Hearing your name when we had to hide took my breath away. I felt a weight be lifted off my shoulders like i was given another chance.We had some good times and bad man these have been a rough past few days . I have a  plane to catch soon but i don't want to go till you are better but the Dean at the office said i should go that so many people want me to sign in LA. So i guess i will see you soon just come on babe i need to see those eyes and laugh and that voice before i leave but i guess you need to rest bye peace out for the last time love ya Forever and Always. " At that i start to walk out the door but i heard his heart monitor go off the wall and a lot of doctors came in i felt like i was in one of those shows my mom us to watch on life time. It felt like everything was in slow motion.


I try to run to him but Harry is pulling me back i give up and he pulls me into his chest i cry for a while and look at Melody . She is in tears and all of the boys are here but Louis.

"Where is LOUIS WHERE IS LOUIS ." i hear her scream

i see someone on a bed being rolled to a room  and i see his hair and tattoos and its him. I look up at harry since he still has me .

"Harry where is he " i say as calm as possible 

"He was shot to someone was aiming at you and Melody from behind and he jumped in front off you too. " I hear him say i run to Melody and we just hug and cry on to each others shoulder.

"We haven't done this since we fangirled " i say trying to make her laugh 

she stays quiet but she laughs a little i see Niall point at a door that leads to the garden and he wants Melody to follow him. I tell Melody and she tells me Harry wants to take a drive. I walk up to him and we decide to walk we go to starbucks and we go to the park near the hospital .


"Justin  said yesterday he had a feeling something was going to happen so he told me if something did happen to him that you would remember him but live on and get married he told us all if it is one of us that he says yes he would really like it if it was Nialler because he has been here for the longest and Louis." he says walking to the swings.

"You know my second choice was Niall he is really sweet but i love Justin he is the sweetest and idk if Niall feels the same way." i say getting some of my hot chocolate since it was late and cold.

"He does when you were in the hospitial him or Justin never left your side." he says swinging still.

All i do is get off the swing and run to the hospital.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING" i hear Harry scream



 After a while i get to the waiting room and see Melody and Niall sitting and Harry walks behind me and Melody walks up to me.

"Told you the guys had a feeling and told them yes and you should go to a certain one?" i hear her ask.

"Yes Niall what about you."  i say looking at Justins room and no one is in it but Pattie and she is talk to someone .

"Harry " is all she simply says 

 I walk to Niall and Melody goes to Harry . Me and Niall hug and i cry and we walk to Justins room and Pattie looks at me and leaves me and Niall with Justin.

"It's me again i had a feeling you where okay and needed me and Harry told me and he is really sweet and any girl would be lucky with him but i will love you more Forever and Always." and as i say and last part i grab his hand and he grips it and i jump up and i look at him and his eyes open and i see those perfect brown eyes.

"Forever -" i cut him off with a kiss 

"And Always" i say smiling .

"You smell like smoke and Alcohol." i hear him say and i see i am wearing the same from the club.

"I didnt get a chance to wash these clothes from the club and i ran to my dorm and changed into something plus i was with Harry ." 

"Okay and i heard you and you should go but just promise me something." he says looking at Niall while trying to sit up but it hurts him.

 Lay down it hurts for you to move ." i say fixing his pillow behind him and raising the bed so he can sit up . 

"Miranda Rose promise me after your done with school or get noticed you will be my wife and we will be forever and Always ." he says opening a box and there is a purple ring i have always wanted and "FOREVER & ALWAYS " on the ban .

"Yes" he puts the ring on my finger then my phone goes off and its a text from Melody.

"Louis okay it just hit his shoulder and we have a plan to catch and did you say yes i did ."

"I have to go Justin the doctors said you could get out tomorrow and you can come to California to recover and we can hang out . for our last day'" 

I walk out of the room and meet everyone and we all head back to the dorm.


Long i Know but ONE MORE CHAPTER :) :(



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