Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


2. The Contest

"And I Was Like Baby Baby Baby Ohhh Thought You Always Be Mine"

 I start dancing around my room in my purple pajamas and singing to the top of my lungs im just happy i have my own room in these types of dorms. I need to start getting ready for Music class . We are having a contest if you win then you can pick any singers out of a list . here's the list -->  1.One Direction 2. Ariana Grande 3. Selena Gomez  4. Justin Bieber 5. Taylor Swift 


Of Course I picked Justin !!! For the contest we have to record us singing one of there songs with our own Remix of it and a picture of us and a letter and answer questions .

Im singing "Believe"

Today we are taking pictures today to send to them and recording some because we have recording studios and and photo booths on campus .


"MIRANDA Hurry up we want to get there first so we get to pick out clothes first , make-up , hair .

 I'm coming Mel you're not entering the contest!

 Yes I am there doing the same thing in acting , dance remember you're in it to ?!

OH , well let me get ready . I brush my hair , put my make-up and put my outfit on

 im walking down the hallway into the kitchen and hear the radio playing and i hear " Justin Bieber is in the ATL looking for new talent for you guys and girls at ATL new talent school be in the watch around campus you never know who might be around !

those words brought me back to that day a few years ago when the best thing and worst happened to me Mel was sitting in the kitchen with trinity and saw my look and heard them to she just came up to me and hugged me and i wanted to cry at just that thought of "him"

Mel whats up with Miranda is she okay ?

kinda a few years ago a boy came a left her and his kinda famous now .

Who ?

Miranda is it okay if i tell her since i walked in on him leaving you and was there?

Yea its okay just let me leave im going to the music hall to chili when John  calls tell him to meet me there we need to work on our song and after a while i will meet you at the photo place and the recording studio what time do we have to be there?


she said by 11 at the park and at 1 at the studio meet us at the park at 10:30 okay its 8:30 now so you have time !

okay thanks Mel and Trintiy dont tell anyone about what mel is about to tell you !!

okay dont worry .

i walk out of the house with my iphone and note book and guitar im not a long walk from the music halls court yard so it takes me about 1 minute to get there i sit down and just lay on the grass under a tree and listen to "Believe Acoustics " i fall asleep listen to it and im woken up by John screaming  Justin Bieber just to wake me up i hit him and we both laugh he sits down next to me and plugs my iphone into the speaker  and just before we play the music i hear 4 girls scream and i look down and see them running after a guy around me age with a Grey hoodie and the same sun glass that guy a few years ago was wearing i would tell you but im kinda scared to tell my secret and my story and secrets if you want them you have to earn them

i run down to were the girls are and text  John   to tell him to take the stuff to the studio and i will meet him later

i run to the guy and gab his arm and pull him to the side and behind the tree and the girls pass by i am out of breath so im looking at the ground and i hear a familiar voice .

Hey Thanks whats your name ?

whats yours if i may ask?

manners that's hard to find in a girl and my name is um Justin 

oh cool my name is Miranda were ya from Justin

Canada you ?

im canadain from my moms side but i moved to Flordia when i was 5 and moved to ATL when i was 10

oh cool i love Florida lots of great memories there.

yea same here till the day before i left i had to leave the best thing that happened to me .

same here

hey swagger can i ask you a question


HA i knew it was you and do you remember me ?

No i don't should i

yea but first take off your glasses so i can see if it is you first


Justin Drew Bieber

yea so

i still dot believe you don't remember me !!

should i

yea you gave me this

i pull out a necklace with a heart on it and a key that wont come off because it unlocked his bracelet  his jaw drops and he pulls up his sleeve to see he still has the bracelt on and i notice these little marks on his arm then i look at my arm that has bigger scars and he ses them and comes to me and give me a hug and he starts to cry and says sorry i really kinda dont remember you but i remember our story






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