Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


18. The Club

Hey this is co-writer Melody. I have a different writing styles as Miranda but I hope you like it as always. I am updating while she is at 4-H Camp.


*Miranda's POV*

I got a quick shower. I was sweaty from earlier tonight and I didn't feel like feeling gross. I walked out of the bathroom all dressed. It felt weird not having Melody here but Sierra was here. 

Sierra was sitting on my bed with her stomach on my bed and feet crossed in the air. "Soo I said looking at her."

"Ahh. Oh my God. You look amazing." We hopped in my car and drove to the nearest bar. I don't care if I don't drink this was an exception my last few weeks have been a living hell and I needed this. We walked in and the smell of dance fog and alcohol tickled my nose and made me cough a little. "You sure you can handle the smoke."

"Yeah I think so." We made our way to the dance floor and danced for a few minutes when I got a little thirsty I made my way over to the bar. I didn't really drink so I didn't know what to get. My eyes were soon covered by someone but I couldn't guess who. I took the hands off m,y face and turned around to reveal Harry. "Oh Em Gee Harry what are you doing here?"

"I come here every Friday night." He said trying to be louder than the speaker. "What are you doing here?"

"Getting away from Justin having a girls night with Sierra. I'm thirsty but I don't know what to get to drink."

"One Bloody Mary and a Beer for me." he told the bartender.

"What is that?" I asked him.

"Vodka and Tomato Juice." When the bartender gave us the drinks I took a small sip and about choked at the taste of the bitter alcohol taste.

"Don't worry love you will get use to it." He chugged down the beer like it was no problem.

I finally got the whole thing down and everything seemed a bit blurry. "Do you want to dance?" Harry asked me.

"Sure." He guided me towards the middle of the floor and we grinded on each other. They played a techno version of Come And Get It and we moved to the fixed beat.We were danced for a while when a hand grabbed my wrist, pulled me away from Harry and made me run into Sierra.


*Sierra's POV*

Justin walked into the club and pulled me by the collar of my jacket. "Where's Miranda?"

"Having fun. Don't ruin it for her." I said cocky.

"I'm serious." He stared at me with an aggressive face. 

"Last time I saw her she was at the bar getting a drink." 

"But she doesn't drink."

"She does now." I said taking a gulp of my beer. He bolted off into the direction of the bar. I sat my beer down and followed him to make sure things didn't get out of hand. He soon made a bee line through the dance floor and we were met by a drunk Harry and tipsy Miranda. I couldn't help but grin at the sight because well she was having fun without Justin and I was happy because of that. 

He soon pulled her off of Harry and flung her into me. I could see from Justin that he was pissed and about to hit Harry. "Justin don't! Think of Miranda!" I had to shout. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned towards me, Miranda soon turned to dead weight and with my alcohol filled body but not as bad as hers we fell to the floor. Justin picked her up by her waist and hoisted her over his shoulder.

I got up on my own and followed him out. "Where are you taking her?" 

"Her dorm." 

"I'm coming with you."


"Someone has to take her car home."

He knew he couldn't argue with me and so he just let it go. I followed his car back to her dorm. When we got up to it I unlocked the door and walked in. He put her in her bed and as soon as he pulled the cover over I let loose. 

"How in the living fuck did you find us?!" 

"Shh. She will wake up. Twitter okay she said she was going to a local bar." 

"You can leave I will take care of her."

"What did she have? I don't know I let her be her own person. Unlike you."

"Yeah. And look where we are now." And with that he walked out. I took  a shower and climbed into Melody's bed. I'm sure she wouldn't mind.


So how did I did? I don't know that much about Justin I am a Directioner writing a Justin Bieber Fanfiction. That doesn't make sense I know. Umm.

Her Twitter Favorit_Girl45

My Twitter: @Quotergirl695

Check out my fanfiction The Big Brother. My name is Melody_Tomlinson bye guyz!!

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