Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


24. the camp

it was a good hour ride so ended up falling asleep listen to the boys talking ..........( later in the car ride)

I feel something press against my lips and i wake up to find Justin ,Niall ,and Harry laughing at me . 


I told you that would wake her up Niall . I hear Justin voice  

Okay and hello sleeping beauty  . I hear Niall say why does he always give me princess names .

Hello Boys are we there yet. I ask as i sit up and release my head is on Justins chest and im sitting on Nialls lap and my feet are on Harry . I laugh and see were pulling up to the camp i sit up in my seat and laugh at Melody and Louis asleep on each other and i hear my phone go off its Zayn and his ringtone is his from the one direction ringtone collection . Every one starts to laugh and i open up the text '

From Zayn:

I have a way to wake them up want to help?:)

To Zayn :

Yea whats the plan .

From: Zayn :

What celebrity is Melody crazy over decides us .

To Zayn:

Me and her are crazy over Emblem3.

From Zayn:

when we stop go hide behind a tree and yell OMG  its Emblem 3 .

To Zayn: 


I put my phone away and all the boys are still laughing at my ringtone . I feel the van stop and we all get out except Melody and Louis. I run to a tree and climb it and just yell "IT'S EMBLEM3" all you see is Melody jump out of the van running around looking for them .

Were is Miranda?" i hear her ask the boys.

"She ran off with that band what are they called Emblem 3." i hear Zayn say and he points to the direction of the tree and Justin is standing next to the tree to stop her and to catch me if i fall. Melody runs to the tree but Justin stops her.

"What do you want Justin?" i hear her ask him 

" do you want me to go get her ." i hear him tell her then he walks away and i jump down from the tree and scare her to were she jumps up on Louis who was to her way. then we start to head to our dorms for the afternoon .


As im walking i see a girl around Destiny age sitting at a table alone with her headphones in a hear her listen to my and Justin remix she must be a fan . I see a boy sitting a few tables away from her looking at her with a look that Justin gave me the first time he saw me. I pull my hood up on my jacket and put on my sunglasses. I walk to the table and sit next to her and tap her on the shoulder.

"hey im Miranda whats your name?" I ask trying to sound like a normal camper.

"My name is Emily  ." She says taking off her headphones and they fall on the floor and i go to pick them up and my sunglasses fall off.

"Nice song chose you a fan of them two." I ask knowing when i sit up she might freak out.

"Yea i begged my uncle to take me to there concert but no one knows were it will be." she says with a sad look on her face.

"Well your luck just changed my concert is here tonight with Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone and One Direction and Cody Simpson and Ariana Grande." I say sitting up fixing my hood so that doesnt fall.

"OMG IT'S MIRANDA ROSE" I hear her scream and all the kids around us all look at me and this one looks right into my eyes i can't believe who i saw.

"Hey come to the White House cabin around 7 okay and we can talk dont tell no one you saw me or im even here" and at that i run to my cabin hoping everyone thought it was just a joke. I run to my cabin full of thoughts of why he was here and what did he want..

I finally reach the cabin and saw the bed were my stuff was on and i instantly jump on it and scream into the pillow. 


Sorry its short im really busy and tired when i get home.




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