Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


23. something from the past

i get out of the shower and put on my outfit Justin got me


. I walk out  of my bathroom to go to my desk i pull out this box that has all my bags in it i get my gray bag and a letter comes out i look at it and it says" To : Miranda From : Justin " I run to my studio and get my jacket and i see Justin in the hall way so i pull down the blinds and turn off my lights so only my lights on my wall and my glow paint showed i see that Justin wrote on my wall "JDB & MDR FOREVER" i go sit in the corner by my speakers i hear knocking on my door but i ignore it. I see a sharp metal piece on my speakers i take it and hover it over my wrist over the old cuts that never healed making ole memories come back . The one from the time i fail out of the trees. and the one after the dance that was the very first one it was so big it never healed. 

i take it and make five cuts one for each bad memory .

1)Going to the skating Rink.

I hear knocking on the door again but harder

2) Going to the club .

Justin yelling threw the door hitting it 

3) James

yelling even more sounds like he is crying

4) Selena 

Justin yelling along with two voices that sound like Niall and Harry i ignore them 


and as i finish the fifth cut the door is busted down by Harry . I pull my sleeve down on my jacket and put on my headphones. They walk to me but Niall stops dead in his track when i look down at my sleeves and see the blood going threw it . I see him mouth " why Princess " . i could feel my heart break in half he is like a brother to me . I notice Harry noticed to because he stepped in some blood . I notice Justin noticed i was crying he ran to me and placed me in his lap and i saw him look at Niall and Harry weird.

"Whats wrong guys ?" i hear him ask them 

They don't say nothing  but point to my arm . Justin noticed all right but all he did was get my purple guitar i have and just started to play Overboard that is my favorite song he has wrote . I look down and play with my hands while he sings and when he is done he stands up and grabs my hand and we walk to my bathroom and clean up my wrist and i explain why i cut and what the scars meant but i was surprised when he showed me his and one was his first one from the dance and it was like mine.

We walk into the main from in our dorm were we were all waiting to head to the camp to surprise Destiny we all decided to take the van so we could all blend in with the other cars and be together . We all got into our seats. I was in the back with Justin on one side and Niall on the other and Harry beside him and in front of us was Louis then Melody then Liam and you had in front of them Zayn then Abrea then Cody. and here we go. 


Im entering a writers contest should i enter this story and thanks for the suport i am already have the rest planed out and i am glad to say there will be a second one :) 

Please can i have more comment

Twitter : @favorite_girl45

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