Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


22. skype

Today was a great day shopping Austin had to leave earlier because he had to go to a camp he goes to every year.Me , Justin and Abrea go to the food court and i see Melody and the boys they all look so cute in there hoodies . Melody comes and talks to me and Abrea and she looks in all the bags and we laugh and talk while the boys get our food. We all sit and talk and eat then i get a text from my little sister Destiny "Wanna Skype" I read and i text back "Sure but im out with friends let me get back to the school okay" she reply "okay". 

"Hey Justin can we head back to the door i need to Skype someone and you are gonna meet them later." i ask 

"Yea let me just get the bags and say bye to the group and we can go." He says walking away.

"At least let me carry something " i scream running after him.

We say bye to them and walk into macy's because Justin wanted to see something.While he goes to look i go over to the make-up and try out these new perfumes and eye shadow. Then i feel arms wrap around my waist.

"You don't need that to look beautiful".I hear Justins voice say in my ear and a million butterflies in my stomach.

He buys his shirt and i get my make-up we get in the car and it was a short ride but my favorite song comes on "Really don't care by Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd " i start to sing it to myself and Justin turned it up and started to sing so i did to and the rap part was coming up i didn't realize Justin stopped singing so i keep singing."

"Yeah, listen up

Hey, hey, never look back,

Dumb struck boy, ego attack

Look boy, why you so mad

Second guessin', but shoulda hit that

Hey Demi, you picked the wrong lover

Shoulda picked that one, he's cuter than the other

I just wanna laugh, cause you're tryna be a hipster

Kick it to the curb, take a Polaroid picture"


i look over to Justin and he looks shocked.

"What?" i ask 

"You can rap that's great you never told me" he says while pulling into the parking  lot of the school

I grab my bags and went to my dorm and Justin was just getting out of the elevator because i ran  to get the first one. I get my laptop and iphone and go to the studio and set the skype up there. i open my computer and pull up skype and click on destiny's profile i text her and tell her im calling.i turn on my speakers to my stereo and it starts to plat 96.1 and its playing what about love  by Austin Mahone . I wait for her to reply and i look out my window and see John and a girl with him its  Selena i am looking when my thought were cut off by my skype ringing i answer it and i see Destiny 

*****skype with Destiny********

Hey Miranda whats new" i hear her ask i see her look to the other side of the room 

"Hey Destiny and nothing got a new friend" i say smiling i hear the door close so i know it's Justin 

"And who would that be" she ask laughing

"Hey babe can you come here" i  scream so he could hear me 

"Yes shawty on my way " i hear justin say 

"Miranda while he is on his way what did you do today" she ask i could tell someone else is in the room

" We went shopping and helped some beliebers and stuff." i say and i feel someone wrapping there arms around me i know it's Justin .

"So this is the Destiny i have heard so much about you" I hear him say.

Destiny is speechless and covering her mouth i laugh then she speaks up.

'Okay i have only been to this camp for like 2 hours and i met Patrick and Austin Mahone is sitting across from me and you're freaking dating Justin freaking Bieber OMG " I hear her say and she turns the camera to Austin 

" Hey Austin you getting her ready for the surprise later and thanks ?"

' Yea im getting her ready and nice music choice." i hear him joke

Then i realize it's still playing "What About Love" i laughed and we said our good byes.

I go to my mirror and get my new makeup out and put it in my bathroom and get one of my new outfits today and start to get ready for later 


sorry for any mistakes

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