Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


6. Just when everything's fine "HE" is back

While we are all done i get them out of my studio and get my speakers ready and plug up my beats and laptop and start to play As Long As You Love Me and DNA by Little Mix for a mash-up for a project i start to sing to DNA while the beat to ALAYLM plays and i look at the wall which is the glass were they can see you but you cant see them you  can only see them threw the door. I can tell Justin because everyone else either left or is near the door and Mel's pointing to the wall i can tell he is smiling because he always is i make a funny face at the wall while I'm stilling singing and i hear the rap part coming up so i turn the volume up a little and i hit every note and got all the words right so i finish the song . i put a thumbs up at the wall and i see my phone light up with Justin's number on it the text reads. 

Good job shawty why dont me and you try singing together. 

i put up my phone and hangup my beats and bring out another pair that i have and set up another mic. i walk out of the room and see Justin and drag him in the studio and i remember i had lights hung up in here and glow stuff splattered every were. so i turn the lights off and you just see the beats and mics glowing  and my laptop and walls  . i see a smile creep on justins face since most stuff i glowing purple and red and gold. 

******Melody's POV ***********

its so good  to see her and Justin back together don't you agree Louis? i cant believe im back with him standing right next to him .

yea Melody i was doing a show with him a while ago and we all had a week in New York so we hanged out man he looked sad im happy to see him happy you should see Niall he is coming down tomorrow .

OMG Miranda's going to be so happy its has been so long since we all hanged out you do realize me and Miranda have school tomorrow and you two guys cant exactly come into our class like normal guys.

oh yea me and the guys already talked we are pick you  two up at 6:30 to go eat and hey wear something nice were going into the city to eat and hangout.

"okay nice to know." and at that i see Miranda drag Justin into the studio and i see a text from Justin saying were going to sing once and if it sounds good i will get here to sing again and play it over the speakers i put around the school. 

everything okay Mel ? i hear Louis ask 

"yea its fine just read this !" i show him the text and he smiles because of it . i look at the studio as i see Justin's face its price less.  . i hear them singing and they sound good Justins gives me sign and i push the button and all you hear is Miranda singing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato  and Justin singing ALAYLM  me and Louis start to dance around the hall  and i see a tall figure with a kinds swirl in his hair its Zayn i totality forgot he was in the group i run into the studio and grab Miranda's arm and tell her " HE IS HERE ZAYN IS HERE LETS GO" she hugs Justin and tell him he can stay in the studio as long as he want's Justin ask's whats wrong then she just says i have homework. we walk out leaving Louis trying to explain to Justin about Zayn and i see Justin ball his fist and he turns to Miranda who i see is in tears i dont know why . it looks like she's text someone but i dont know who????? 


This chapter is something special since the last one was short thanks for the views and comments and the twitter she uses in the book is a real twitter its mie.


POLYVORE: forever-young-463

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