Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


21. Journeys

We pull up to the Mall and Justin throws me a pair of sunglasses while him and Austin get a hoodie out of the back. I get my purse and we head out .I see my favorite shoe store " Journeys"  me  and Abrea run into the store and i instantly start looking for Converses and Heels . I see Justin looking at Supras as always and Austins looking at vans . I go sit down and try on these sneaker heels things i have been trying to find for ever. They fit and im so happy i look at the price $30 .

"Man" i sigh 

"What's wrong babe." I look up to find Justin standing in front of me .

"I really want these shoes but there 30 dollars." i say starting to put them back

'30 dollars thats like five dollars to me i will by them and go get another pair of any shoes and here try these on" He says handing me a pair of Supras.

"Okay thanks baby " i say while i hug him and give a kiss on the check .

"hey thats my name to call you " he says while i laugh

" I thought you called me your shawty ." i say while walking away to go see if any of the girls needed help.

I look around for a few more minutes i can tell the boys already bought there shoes there all sitting down on there phones.  it's just me and Abrea just when i was going to give up looking for a cute pairs of converses i see a pair with the British flag on them . I go to Justin and tell him im ready.

"Hey im ready to go ." I look at Justin while he's on his phone on twitter .

"Okay shawty is that all your getting?" He asks kinda shock i only got 3 pairs of shoes.

" Yea thats all i need can we just go i want to go to Rue 21 and H&M ." I ask because i saw someone i didn't feel like seeing even though i love them i really didn't want to see them .

Me and Justin walk up to the desk and the girl who works there looks around my age she had a believe tattoo i want to get when i turn 18 tomorrow and a Justin Bieber bracelet and a plastic red rose . I smile and she knew who i was  because i was in an acting class with her . I get Justin's hand and tell her we'll be right back i forgot something . 

"Justin that girl is a Belieber it looks like she was your OLLG on the My World tour she has the red rose." i say smiling

" I see do you know her you waved at her when we first came in here." 

" Yea her name is Allison she is in my acting class she is really good to ." i say 

'Do you want me to tell her it's me " He ask smiling

"Yea i just thought you would say no" i ask looking at the floor

"You know i love my fans and you so don't look at the floor."

we walk over to the girl again and Justin takes off his glasses and she smiles like crazy and looks at we i smile and we start to talk.

"I knew this was your favorite store and were friends but i never thought you would bring him here."

" he brought me shopping and some friends and i saw this store and ran in here i didn't know you were working today." I smile and look at Justin 

"He were you one of my OLLG in My World tour and thanks for being a belieber."

"Yea actually me and Miranda went and she was picked but she didn't want to go for some reason and she let me go." She says a little less happy

"Were you the one who handed me the two letters one from you and one from your friend  ". Justin asks a little bit happy but sad to

"Yea and can i get a picture then i have to check yall out i have a line and can we hang out later.' she asks me and Justin say yes and she ended up giving us all our shoes for half off with her discount."


Sorry it's short or to much talking i have writers block and i don't feel my best right now

Twitter: @Favorite_Girl


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