Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


8. Is It True

I put on my outfit and i see the crowd of people and run out there to see not Zayn and Justin but John and Justin. The fight has got to were Justin has a bloody nose and black eye. I hear John yell  " WHY DID YOU COME BACK AND ALL YOU DID WAS HURT HER" . I scream and they both look at me and i start to cry right then and there . I look at Justin and i see pain and hurt in his eyes they are a dark drown not his usual light chocolate brown. Niall pulls me back  but i push him off and run to the park . I see Justin trying to get up to come after me but i text him.


"Stay there okay Niall will get you help i will be back in a few to get ready for later i just need some air ".


"okay thanks love ya "

and at that moment i stop texting and go to my playlist and go to a playlist i haven't been to in a while. It's called " HEARTBROKEN" and of course Superhero by Cher Lloyd  came on i plug in my beats and just walk to a tree were one of the branches are cut off so it is kinda like a set so when ever im mad i come here and just think the branch is kinda high up in the tree but i have been climbing tree's since i was little . i sit up there for a few to just think about Justin and why John hit him is he jealous does he like me and why haven't seen Zayn in a while i just want to say hey but Melody keeps dragging me away every time we see him . i see a sharp thing in my bag and look at my wrist and just cry and put the sharp object to my wrist and cut it . I jump from the  tree with out thinking and fall on my arm and i think i broke it i scream and cry i see blood around me i feel light head i see Justin running towards, but before he got to me everything went black. I hear Justin's voice and his voice cracks like he is crying i cant see a thing all of a sudden i hear him yell at the guys that must have followed i hear a Irish accent and British voices I must have smiled because they all laughed . i feel 5 hands pick me up but no Zayn i am just happy Justin's here. After a while i feel like i was put in the back of a car i'm laying across the seat and i guess my head was in Justin's lap because he sang to me in a soft tone and played with my hair. After a while again im picked up by the guys and set on a bed i hear people yelling things like " SHE'S LOSING A LOT OF BLOOD "  i guess Justin remember my scars because i felt my arm being covered. and after a while i guess i was put in a room all the guys stayed even Melody but they all left but Justin and Niall . I hear Hockey on the T.V  typical Justin and after i while my eyes flicker open and it takes a while to get used to the lights i look over at the T.V and it's on the news" Justin Bieber and One Direction help local student Miranda Rose to the hospital locals have sent these photos i see the guys carrying me and im covered in dirt and blood and the other pic was us getting here and i was the same but i guess the boys cleaned me up a little. i look over to my left and see  Niall passed out asleep on the floor with a pillow and blanket he looks like he has been crying. i look to my right and see justin asleep and he is holding my hand i get the words together and say Justin and Niall and there head shot up and Justin smiles and cry's while Niall hands me a huge teddy bear i laugh and he goes get the nurse .

I look at the ground and ask 

"what happened Justin?"

"I don't know i was walking in the park and saw you falling from a tree and i ran over to you" . and at that he moves my hair out of my face and brushes my check.  

i bring my head up on to be face to face with him i can feel his breath on my face and its sends chills up my back all of the sudden you see my heart monitor go off me and him laugh and Niall walks in so we pull away . They explain to me what happened . i see my arms covered up like before i guess they didn't see them. the nurse leaves and Justin walks out to call Mel and the guys . Then Niall looks worried.

"Whats wrong Nialler ?"

"W-Why didn't you tell  me ?" i hear his voice cracking     

"What ?"

"You cut"  !?

"Kinda i was gonna tell you but i knew you would freak ."

"like i am know" . and at that he walks out and Justin walks into the room  and tells me i can go home tomorrow .


Sorry if it's not that good it is just a filler to get were i want it to 

Twitter: @smile_justin12


Shout out to my friend Melody. Check out her stories at Melody_Tomlinson (one direction fan fics)

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