Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


11. Because Of Me

Listen to " What About Love by Austin Mahone"


It's been a few days  since the pool accident im still knocked out. Justin doesn't visit as much it's mostly Melody and The boys. Melody must be back from school I hear her favorite gossip show turn on TMZ they start talking about Justin and Me then i hear " Justin Bieber caught smoking and drinking." All of the sudden my eyes open up and i turn on my side and see a picture of Justin on the t.v and he looks like he got into a fight . I stay quit and then when there done i start to cry then Melody runs to me and just hugs me and i cry she try's to calm me down .  Then i see my phone and there are hundred of messages from Justin saying "LOVE YOU, MISS YOU , SEE YOU WHEN YOUR AWAKE" I smile then remember what happened . i send him a message back saying. " LOVE YOU TO SEE YOU SOON". Then i see the boys come inside the room and they see Melody then she points to me and i hear Harry scream "WE MISSED YOU LOVE " and Naill yell " THE PRINCESS HAS WOKEN " all of us laugh but im still in pain so i keep it easy so we just sit her and talk.

So were is Justin he is usually here around this time?

ummm he is um " i hear all the boys say together

um what boys " i say with a fake laugh

you see love Justin is out in the town in the studio and won't be back till tonight. i hear Harry say 

You mean i can't see him for another like 4 hours i haven't seen him in almost a week and he said he would be the first thing i see ." and at that i lose it i start to cry   . Then i hear the door open but i just ignore it cause it's probably Trinity.

Hey shawty whats wrong" i hear that voice that makes my heart skip a beat when ever i hear it . 

i ignore him and just put my head knees and say "You said you would be the first thing i see and hear but instead i see and hear you on t.v and you smoking and drinking and them blaming it on me"

Hey look at me?

no and at that he lefts me chin up gently with his hand

babe you will never ever cause any of that even if i did do it that was in the past." and when he says that he pulls me closer and kisses me i taste alcohol on his lips but i just ignore it and give him a hug and i smell smoke . I never want to let go or let him out of my sight but who did this to me that is what i want to know.

Hey Justin and Melody can i talk to you alone please ?

Yea sure . they say together we get the boys to leave but Niall and Louis since they were there when they found me.

Who did this to me i want to know?

When i found you i saw a brunette and blonde go around the corner and then i saw you. i hear melody say then she looks at Justin like they know something .

And i asked a few people and they said they saw Selena and Summer run out of the pool area and Louis found this bracelet that has Selena's name on it so im guessing they did this.  

I cant believe this she hates the fact were dating and singing together . then i see my phone go off and its a random number but i answer because it might be family or something.

Hello who is this

Selena. and at that i put it on speaker and press record on my phone 

What do you want 

are you alone ?


okay stay away from Justin he doesnt love you even if he tells you he does he told me but look at us now and the best thing for you to do is record the song like a good little singer and leave Justin or else you will have another little accident in the pool or worse and you wont wake up if it's the last thing i do.

Okay i will leave Friday just give me 3 days with Justin without trying to be killed.

Okay your time starts now and you have till Friday at 1 pm to leave . And if you even tell anyone about our little chat you will be killed . and at that  she hangs up and i just start to cry at the thought of having to leave Justin.

----------Justin's pov --------

 "He doesn't love you and you will be killed" keeps echoing in my head and i just see Miranda and Melody and even the guys crying i just run up to Miranda and pick her up and sat her in my lap she bared her head in my chest and i sing "Fall" softly and she falls asleep but i just lay her in her bed and i lay next to her and cuddle with her and when ever i move she tightens her grip on my arm . I dont wan to lose the best thing that has happened to me right when i get it back i may not remember it all but i remember whats important her and me .

-----------Melody's Pov--------------

I cant believe what i just heard im crying now and Louis comes over to me with all the boys i guess they heard because Zayn , Harry . Liam run into the room crying the sit down in a line and sit me across there legs and i just cry into Louis chest while they all sing " They Don't Know About Us" i fall asleep but have to move because they have to leave but Justin can stay. 

--------------Miranda'a Pov (Morning )----------

I wake up and Justin's not there i hear him talking to someone it must be the guys i start to get up and go to the door and hear Justin on the phone.

Okay Thanks Austin this will make her so happy.


Should i stop writing this story 

5+ likes and 4 comments and i will continue and the trailer kinda is posted 


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