Does He Remember Our Story

To a 19 year old boy who moves all around the world, to a 17 year old girl who wants to live her dream . They have a past but does he remember the story like she does .

"I cant forget him and that's the way it is. does he remember me?"


13. 3 days left

We walk out of the dance hall and just walk around the mall .

Justin: Hey can we go out tonight with Mel and the guys .

Miranda: Yea where are we going .

Justin: I don't know 

Miranda: what about skating we can we go to a rink in a town not far from here.

Justin: Yea i can call and rent the place.

Miranda: NO please i like it regular with my friends there and just having fun.

Justin: Okay what time do we need to be there

Miranda:7-11 it's 4:00 now can i go get ready we need to leave by 6

Justin: okay pick you and Mel up at 6


I get to the dorm and tell Melody our plans and she get so happy that we get to go to the rink we haven't been there in a while. We both get out our phones and get on facebook and tell our friends down there to go and they agree.

we both get ready and listen to music i wear my red baggy shirt that shows some of my stomach and my black shorts and my black supra and black roller blades . Melodys wearing a white lace top that shows some of her stomach to and blue shorts and blue sneaker heels and blue skates . 

I  hear the doors open down the hall and i look out the door and see them all talking . i see Justin is facing the door so i run to him and jump on his back . He almost falls then gets his balance back then sets me down and gives me a kiss then pulls away. Both Justin and Louis look at me and Melody.

Justin and Louis:You are not wearing that thing skating.

Miranda and Melody: Whats wrong with this

Justin : That. he says poking me and Melody's stomach we start laughing.

Miranda: I'm pretty sure no one is going to pay us any attention with yall.

Louis and Justin: lets hope so .

we walk out side and i see a limo the same one from the dance .

Miranda:can we take another car i want to go as normal people we can take it tomorrow and tomorrow day and night you get to pick were we go  .

Justin: Okay can we at least take one of my cars .

Miranda: okay we can take your Cadillac CTS-V and Melody and Louis can take your 997 Porsche Turbo

Justin: how do you know what cars i have anndNo please don't take my cars.

Miranda : Justin either that or they ride with us in the ranger and i was a belieber .  And at that he throws Lou the keys and they head to their car and we head to ours. I hope all my friends are there i missed them so much its been a while since me and Mel have visited 


Sorry it's short i needed a filler so what do you think of the story and the trailer Love yall all and if your a fan of my stories then your going to love this other one im writting for a contest. 

Twitter: @smile_justin12





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