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3. 3

*Rose's P.O.V*


"How are you feeling, Rose?" asked Niall, he just walked in the kitchen. It was 9:00 am, i woke up because the baby was kicking, and man, it is uncomfortable. 

"Good, she was kicking this morning, so I woke up." i answered.

"Oh, sorry to hear that. What's for breakfast?" he asked. 

"Let's see what's in the fridge." i answered. I looked through the fridge. 

"Well, how about some apple pancakes?" i asked, holding up the ingredients. I turned around and he nodded. I got the bowls out and started the batter, when I turned around all the boys were there. I got so scared that I almost dropped the bowl.

"Wow, Rose, we didn't mean to scare you. Are you ok, is the baby? This wouldn't effect it would it?" said Zayn, i put down the bowl and went to go and give them each a hug and a kiss on the cheek for a 'good morning'.

"Mornin' boys. Zayn, me and the baby are fine. Getting scared won't do anything to us." i said, giving him an extra hug and a kiss on the lips. 

"Oi, no PDA!" said Louis, trying to break us up. I stuck my tongue out at him. I picked the bowl up again and kept cooking. I put the pancakes in the pan. 

"Boys, can you go and set up the table?" i asked, turning around, spatula in my hand, flour all over my PJs. Zayn took out his phone and took a picture. 

"Zayn." i said, with a stern voice. He said sorry, but kept the photo. 

"Go set the table, boys." i said, in a  motherly tone. They all nodded and went to the drawer  to get the utensils.  While they were doing that, they were talking and I heard Liam say something.

"You're very lucky, Zayn. She's going to be a great mother." he said. I blushed at what he said, but is it true? Will I be a good mother?

I flipped the pancakes and put them on a plate so the boys can grab them. I called them in.

"Yes, Rose." said Harry.

"Boys, can you get the drinks? I have the plate of pancakes." i said. They nodded and grabbed the orange juice, coffee, and milk. I grabbed the plate and we headed to the dinning room. We put everything in the middle of the table and we sat in the seats. 

"Rose, do you want coffee?" asked Louis, i shook my head.

"Louis, I'm pregnant, I can't have coffee. But, can you pass the orange juice?" i asked, he nodded understanding and handed me the orange juice. 

"Rose, are you excited?" asked Harry. 

"Ya, but, i'm a little scared though." i answered, he nodded and asked Zayn the same question. 

"I'm super excited, i mean, i'm going to be a dad! But, i'm scared because i think that i'm going to be a horrible father." he said. I rubbed his arm and told him he was going to be a wonderful father. 

"So, the house is going to have another member in 3 months, huh?" asked Louis, i forgot to tell you that the boys live in a house that Simon gave to them.

"Yep, we need to do the nursery." i said, they nodded. We all finished so I picked up the plates, but the boys stopped me.

"Go and rest, Rose. We got this." said Liam. I nodded and headed to me and Zayn's room. I unpacked because I didn't have time last night. I changed my clothes and put my PJs in the pile to wash. I got the pile and put it in the laundry room. Note to self: do the laundry. I went back to the kitchen and saw the boys washing the dishes. 

"Zayn, can you come to our room please?" i asked him, he turned around and nodded. He looked a little scared.

"Don't worry, you're not in trouble. We need to talk about the baby." i said. He smiled, a little calmer. He put the dish down, dried his hands and came over to me. He grabbed my hand and we headed over to the room. 

"What do we need to talk about?" he asked. 

"What are we going to name her?" i asked. 

"Hmm, what names do you like?" he asked me, he got a notepad and a pen. 

"April, Ansley, Lucy and Breanna ." i said. He nodded. 

"Now, middle names." he said. 

"You can think of it. I came up with the names." i said. 

"April Zoe? Ansley Emma? Lucy Robin? Breanna Elizabeth?" he asked, seeing if i like the middle names he added. 

"I love them, Breanna Elizabeth is my favorite though." i said. He nodded. 

"What about last name?" he asked, i laughed. He looked confused, to me that was a stupid question.

"She is going to have your last name, of course." i said, poking his nose. He laughed. 

"Are we going to show the names to the boys? Let them have a say?" I asked.

"Yes, they would kill me if I didn't let them have a say." he said laughing. I laughed. He got up and offered his hand to help me get up. I gladly took it and got up, with a little bit of trouble. I started to wobble to the door and he followed me, opening the door and taking his hand in mine. We walked to the family room hand-in-hand, where the boys were playing Fifa. 

"Boys, can you help us out?" asked Zayn. They paused the game and made a space for us. We sat down and they waited for us to tell them.

"We need a little help with the name for the baby." i said. 

"Well, what do you guys have so far?" asked Niall. 

"April Zoe Malik ; Ansley Emma Malik; Lucy Robin Malik and Breanna Elizabeth Malik." i said. They all thought about it. 

"I like Breanna Elizabeth Malik." said Niall. All the boys nodded in agreement. 

"Well, you hear that princess? Your names going to be Breanna Elizabeth!" i said, putting my hand on my belly, she started having a kicking frenzy. 

"Oh, Oh god. Zayn, come here." i said, groaning in pain. 

"What's wrong?" he asked, getting very concerned.

"She likes her name a little to much. She is having a kicking frenzy, and, Oh, it's really uncomfortable." i said, groaning in pain again. He got up and put his hand on my stomach and felt her kicking. 

"Shhh, calm down Breanna. You're hurting Mummy." he said, in a fatherly voice. She started to calm down, but she's still kicking, and pretty hard too. 

"Zayn. Get her to stop!" i screamed in pain. 

"Bre, i said to calm down." he said, she still kicked. 

"Zayn, sing. It would calm her down before." i said, adding a groan in the end. He nodded and got the boys together. They started to sing. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby

Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly

Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly

Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why, can't I?

"She stopped." i said, sighing in relief. All the boys sighed in relief too. 

"You want something?" asked Harry. 

"Nope, thanks." i said. My eyes started to droop, and soon I was taken to the land of my dreams.

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