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One Direction NOT totally famous


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Rose's P.O.V


"Hey, Rose." said Zayn, giving me a hug and kissing me on the lips. Of course, he had to bend down because he's a lot taller than me.

"Hey, Zaynie." i said, still in a hug, burying my face in his chest, tears spilling out of my eyes.

"Hey, hey, what's wrong?" he asks, pulling me away from him. How do I tell him? Our lives are going to change forever, because of one stupid mistake I made.

"Zayn, um, I forgot to take my birth control." i told him. He just arched an eyebrow, very confused.

"Ok, we just won't do anything." he said, still very confused.

"No, i mean, I forgot to take my birth control the night we did 'it'." i said, hoping he'll catch on.

"Ok. What's the big deal? It's not like you're pregnant or anything." he said, laughing towards the end. I just put my head down in shame. 

"No, Rose, tell me you're joking." he said, worry in his voice. I looked up, crying.

"I wish I was Zayn." I said, giving him the pregnancy test.

"Oh my god, this can't be happening. Rose, I need to tell you something." he said. I nodded, telling him to continue.

"Um, I did what you told me to do. I signed up for X-Factor." he said. I felt the color drain from my face, and the tears kept on coming. 

"Shh, it'll be ok Rose. We'll be ok." he said, pulling me into another hug, letting me cry into his chest, him rubbing my back.

"Zayn, how are we going to do this?" i asked, he just shrugged his shoulders and kept trying to clam me down. 



"We love you!" i said into the camera, holding my stomach. Zayn is on the X-Factor and I'm home and 6 months pregnant. Zayn doesn't know, but I found out the gender, oh, and I'm going to visit him in a few hours. 

"Rose, do you have everything packed?" asked Tricia from downstairs, I've been staying at Zayn's becusae my parents didn't want to deal with another child in the house.

"Yep, and I even have a bag incase we meet this little booger while we are there." i said, taking the smaller bag down stairs and Doniya helping me with the bigger one.

"Thanks, Doni." i said, giving her a hug. 

"Hey, I will do anything for my future sister-in-law." she said, helping me but the bags in the car.

"Rose, please bring Zayn back." said Safaa, she really misses him.

"I'll try sweetie." i said, hugging her and kissing her forehead. I gave the rest of the girls a hug goodbye. 

"Tricia, let's go!" i said, she was still in the house. She ran out, gave the girls a hug and kiss goodbye and got in the car. Now, to go and surprise Zayn. 


*at X-Factor*

"Hi, um, we are here to see Zayn Malik. I'm his mother and this is Rose." she said to the man that was supposed to let us in. He looked through a list and nodded, telling us we can go in.

I ran-wobbled really-to go and see him. When I went to the place where he is supposed to be, there were 4 other boys too. 

"Zayn!" i screamed, tears streaming down my face (comment if you got that). He turned around and saw me, tears started to form in his eyes and he got up and ran to me. He gave me the biggest hug he can-i have a baby in my stomach-and kissed me. 

"Oh my God, Rose. I miss you so much. And I miss you too, little guy." he said, kneeling so he can put his hands on my stomach, waiting for the baby to kick. And it did, now, to tell him the gender.

"So, Zayn, um, i had an ultrasound the other day." i said, he nodded and waited for me to continue.

"It's not a 'little guy'." i said, he looked up confused. 

"We have our own little princess." i said, hoping he'll catch on.

"We are having a girl?" he asked, excitement in his voice. I nodded. He grabbed my hands, stood up, looked me in the eyes and kissed me.

"Now, I can spoil my princess rotten." he said, hugging me and pulling me towards the couch, were the boys were.

"Rose, meet the boys. Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall. We were put together as a band, and we need help coming up with a name." he said, pointing to each boy while saying their name. 

"Nice to meet you boys, um, what names have you come up with?" i asked, trying to find a list, Louis handed me a paper with names on them. I looked them through.

"Wow, you guys seem a little vain. I mean, each one of you have your name and then 'and the boys'." i said, laughing, i mean i expected this from Zayn. It was pretty funny.

"Wait, this one is good. 'One Direction'. It could mean a lot, and it isn't vain." i said, they nodded. 

"Well, what could it mean?" asked Niall.

"Hmm, how about, you guys are going in 'One Direction' to fame." i said. They nodded in agreement.

"Ok, that's it boys, we are no longer 'The boys' we are 'One Direction'!" said Harry. They all cheered and Zayn thanked me with a kiss on the cheek and on my belly. That's when the boys noticed I was pregnant.

"Wow, Zayn, who knew you had it in you." said Louis, wiggling his eyebrows. 

"What's that supposed to mean, huh?" i questioned

"Oh, um, I didn't think that he had the guts to have sex, let alone, get some one pregnant." he said, king of scared.

"Ya, well he did, and it was good." i said, matter-of-factly. Zayn and the boys looked at me wide-eyed and Zayn started to blush. 

"Well, um, that information wasn't needed." said Liam. 

"Well, you can blam Louis for that one. He mentioned it." i said.

"Well, what are you having." asked Harry.

"A baby. No duh." i said, sarcasm in my voice, but I don't think he caught it.

"Of course, i meant gender." he said.

"I knew that, I was being sarcastic. But, I am having a girl." i said. They got excited and said that they were going to spoil her rotten.

"Wow, we haven't even done her room, or thought of names or anything. So, stop arguing about who's going to be her favorite." i said. Zayn nodded in agreement and told the boys that we'll be right back. He took me outside.

"How long are you going to be here?" he asked, we were on a small bridge that went over a man-made pond.

"As long as I can stay. But, I want to be here until the finale." i said, we were looking at the pond and holding hands. 

"I can talk to Simon. We can make a temporary nursery." he said.

"I don't know. Simon scares me." i said, laughing. 

"He isn't that bad actually, he is really nice. And he's a sucker for babies." he said, rubbing the back of my hands with thumb. 

"Hmmm, do you think your mother will let me stay?" i asked him.

"Of course she would, she wants us to be comfortable and wants what is best for us." he said. He always knows what to say. 

"Ok, what about baby names?" i asked.

"We'll think about it tomorrow." he said, i nodded in agreement. 

"Come on, let's go to the house, i texted the boys to get your stuff in my room." he said, holding my hand. We both walked to the house they were staying at, holding hands, my free hand on the top of my stomach, talking about everything. 


"All I know since yesterday is, everything has changed." -Everything Has Changed, by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

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