The day in which I saw...

Once upon time long, long ago in a faraway land lived a princess. Well it wasn’t that long ago only 16 years, and it wasn’t that faraway, it was New York, and I am not a princess, I’m just your average American 16 year old girl, but I am not going to tell my story here, right now, ‘cause they might hear me, or see this. Uh oh they are coming I got to go. But before I go I must tell you this, “don’t trust anyone, parent, teacher, friend, for they will trade you in for a price of their own,”

Hi this is my first movella I am entering in a contest so PLEASE if you like this I need you to like, favorite and comment your love! P.s this book is full of twists and surprises!
xoxo -footprinint


1. She's coming

"HELP!" I screamed, but my voice was not heard. "SHUTUP- JUST SHUTUP" the psychopath screamed. "Viola, I need you to stop screaming" He said "IM NOT VIOLA IM CHELSEA!" I don't understand why he keeps calling me viola?! "STOP LYING TO ME!" He yelled. But I wasn't lying to him, Who was viola. "Uh-umm oh I must have forgotten my name-" I was going to find out who she was and why he thought I was her. "-what happened to me....Viola?" The psychopath laughed and spoke slowly and calmly. His bright green eyes felt like he was staring beyond me. He scares me when he does that. " Viola, don't you remember, your my wife, but we got into a car crash right on the day of the wedding. You died but they brought you back." Oh, she must have died and know he's seeing her on everyone's face. "Are you sure I sh.....I didn't just die?" "Hahaha your so silly, if you 'she' died 'she' wouldn't be standing right in front of me" He pointed at me and did quotations when he said she. "But wait if "I" am your wife, then why am I locked up in the basement all alone in a box with metal bars?" "Oh....your not alone" He laughed and exited the basement. I heard the door lock several times and then bolts being screwed into the door. "what did he mean I'm not alone" I whispered, all of the sudden I felt someone's breath against my neck, then a crawling next to me, it sounded so human. I felt my heart beat faster and I began to crawl backwards. I couldn't see but was hoping to find a corner. I felt along the cold metal bars until I felt a hand. I screamed and finally found the corner. There was some kind of rope dangling from above me. I pulled it and all lights turned on. Bodies. Bodies everywhere. Hanging from the ceiling. laying on the ground. then I saw her. crawling towards me, her bright red eyes, messy hair, flexible neck flopping up and down as she limped towards me. Her head started spinning round and round. Then I remembered. I remembered-

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