Love maybe

Emma is sweet,kind and nice .She is going to a new school and will their be five cute and handsome boys their and she falls for Niall but Louis is madly in love with her . See what happens is it complicated


1. New school

I'm Emma Edwards I'm moving to a new school . I'm going to miss my friends but I'm excited to move I'm moving to London . Let me tell you about me I have blond hair I'm shy and nice and I get good grades I love my mom and dad my dad got a new job so that is why I have to leave so I'm getting on the plane to fly their  . By the way I'm a only child so that makes life more easier so I'm on the plane right now to my new home in London . 





           So how do you like it so far . This is my first ever movella so I'm scared what u guys would think . 





           I need  a friend for Emma to meet in the story so u guys could comment Name, Hair , personality and what ever u want to add I will write more tomorrow by love u guys don't for get to like favourite  comment I will write more if u do 

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