Aria and Harry. Will their unbreakable love soon end? Or, can they hold on to what they've always had? How much longer can Aria take? Will Harry move on? Has he already moved on? Can Aria deal with the pain much longer? What will they do? They thought they were going to be forever, but are they just to young to know any better?


2. Wait for it..

My shirt was lying on the floor. I was lying on the bed, with Harry on-top of me. Harry got up, pulled off his shirt, and got back on. "Harry, I love you. I truly do." I say before he goes to kiss me once again. "Babe, I love you, too." He kisses my neck, then my cheek. I didn't want him to stop. He was making me feel so... beautiful.. special... loved... This was all perfect, except... I just can't do this right now. "Harry, babe.." I say with tears filling my eyes. "Yes, love?" he says with a smile on his face. "Can we.... wait a little bit longer? Believe me, I want to... But are we ready for this step?" I say with the tears rolling down my face. "We can wait, if you want. If you're not ready, that's completely fine, hun. We can wait. No worry's!" Harry says, then gently kisses my forehead. He gets up, off of me, and helps me up. He bends down and picks up both of our shirts. I throw mine back onto the bed, then Harry does the same. Harry goes to walk out of the room to go to the washroom when I say, "Harry, wait.." He turns around, walks back to me, picks me up, hugs me and spins me around then I wrapped my legs around his waist, wrap my arms around his neck and say "Forever and always" and kiss him. 

Harry lets me down, goes to the washroom, and comes back and lays on the couch with me. He starts playing with my hair, and tickling my back. I turned in to face him, and bury my head into his chest and fall asleep. 

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