Aria and Harry. Will their unbreakable love soon end? Or, can they hold on to what they've always had? How much longer can Aria take? Will Harry move on? Has he already moved on? Can Aria deal with the pain much longer? What will they do? They thought they were going to be forever, but are they just to young to know any better?


3. Never stop

"Hello, love. We'll have to get together the day that you get back! I need you<3" The text I woke up to in the long car ride up to Barrie. I've been away from Harry for only two days, yet it feels like a million. A few hours have passed, Harry and I have been texting back and forth, back and forth. Never want to stop. "Harry, the day that I get back I want to pick up from where we left of... I think I'm ready to take it to the next step. I want it..." I say. Harry didn't reply for about five minutes... I started to worry. When suddenly he said "Aria... believe me... i want to... very much. But I've been thinking about it a lot, and I just don't want to hurt you. I know I will... I just... I don't want to hurt you.... Know what I'm trying to say?" 
"Yea, but Harry..... That's just a risk that I would be willing to take.. I love you, and I want this. I trust you enough for it.. I've never felt this way about anybody before... You are my definition of love. You're my one and only, please do it with me..?"

Harry took once again, near five minutes to reply. He said "Are you sure? Don't get me wrong, I really want to... but are you sure? I want it to be special... for you.. Our first time.. very special." I text him back and say "Babe, I'm sure. And If its with you, then it will be special.  I'm more then sure..."  "Okay, love... then its set.. we'll do it. I love you!" I couldn't believe it. I have actually made plans to have sex with Harry.. I've always planned on waiting until marriage. But ever since Harry and I have been getting more serious, I have completely changed my mind. And its funny... If i was with anyother guy, I wouldn't be doing this. But yet, surprisingly I am excited, yet nervous.. Yet I've got a whole 5 days before this is actually going to happen. But most of all, I guess I'm mostly excited to see him. 

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