Aria and Harry. Will their unbreakable love soon end? Or, can they hold on to what they've always had? How much longer can Aria take? Will Harry move on? Has he already moved on? Can Aria deal with the pain much longer? What will they do? They thought they were going to be forever, but are they just to young to know any better?


1. It's you and me, forever

I didn't think that i would ever be so blessed. I never thought I would find love this sweet. Harry is the only one. He makes me feel beautiful, the way a girl really should. Without him, I wasn't who I am today. He completes me. Harry was always the charming one out of the bunch. What a flirt he is. But the thing i fell for, was his sparkling eyes, simple, but cute laugh, and most of all... his smile. His dimples~


"Aria! Babe, come over here!" Harry said, moving over as much as he could on the couch, leaving just enough space for me to come sit with him. "Come cuddle with me!" Harry added, while i was walking towards the couch. I approached the couch, and lay down beside Harry. "Harry?" I  said in a shy voice. "Yes, Love?" "Kiss me.." I said with some hesitation. Harry looked me deep into my  bubbly blue eyes, leaned forward, and kissed me. Slowly and passionately. Harry started to rub my back, to comfort me. Whenever I get around Harry, I get all nervous. I'm always so scared of messing up around him, even though i know that he won't judge me. But, he always seems to make me not as nervous by rubbing my back, even for just a few seconds. I truly do love him. "You're beautiful, don't ever forget that. And we are forever and always, Love." Harry said in the most adorable voice ever. "We're bestfriends, and way more then lovers" He added. I leaned back in to kiss him, and didn't want to stop. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, rubbing my back as much as he possibly could. He kissed my neck, then asked "Now?" We both stopped to think. Would today be the day that I finally let it all happen? Am I ready for this? Is he? Should we take the risk? Yes. I kiss him once more, got up, and went into the bedroom. Harry followed me in. I was standing there in the middle of the floor and Harry came up, kissed me, and started to pull off my shirt. 

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