Lonely Boulevard

For the Death & Co Competition!

The fog whirled around her. She sat in the scene of the accident, she could hear the screams come from her mother, trying to reach her. She yelled her mothers name, but she did not hear her. All she saw was the cold limp body lying on the stretcher being pulled away. The scene was quiet. Grey mist swirled in circles around her, as she walked the lonely boulevard. She finally knew what it was like for no one to know she existed. She was in the afterlife.


1. Lonely Boulevard


         I watched my mother, as she cried at the pale little girl lied cold on a stretcher. Why was she crying? I walked a little closer, to see a little girl who looked a lot like me. Same hair colour and facial features. The thought sent shivers down my spine, as I tried to reach for my mother to let her know I was here. I tapped her shoulder a few times, but she never turned around, she just ran after the stretcher with the girl. I screamed her name, but nothing came out but a faint whisper. Suddenly the scene cleared, and everyone was gone.


    Everything seemed dark. The sky was a dark grey, fog settling in around my small body. What was happening to me? I looked at my arms to notice my skin to be a couple shades paler. I slowly walked along the empty streets of Wolverhampton, my home town in England. I suddenly saw a boy about my age walking towards me. I walked quickly over to him, calling out to him. He acted as if he never saw or heard me, as he shoved past me, not even noticing my existence. He looked very tan, his hair a very vivid dark brown. I looked at my hair that was once that colour, which was now a very dull brown, almost ghost like.


    I continued down the street, my feet landing in a small puddle. I jumped up and down slowly, little giggled coming from my dry mouth. I then realized just how thirsty I was. I decided I’d walk down to the nearest pub to get a glass of water. I skipped along the pathway, still seeing no one in sight. The streets looked much more lively than before as I approached downtown. People were freely chatting amongst themselves, not even paying attention to me when I yelled hello to them. Why were people ignoring me? Was it something I have done? I opened the door to the pub,  loud shouts from angry drunk men filling my surroundings. I walked up to the bar, and stood waiting to get the bartender's attention. I called him a few times, but he continued to ignore me like everyone else. I quickly ran out of the place, tears flowing from my dull grey eyes. I suddenly dropped to the floor, sobs escaping my cracked lips. A small hand was then placed on my shoulder, my eyes shooting over in the person’s direction. I gasped very loudly as I looked to the figure who once used to be in my life.


    “N-Noah?” I choked, reaching my hand out to touch his face.


    “Yes Cosette, it’s me,” He smiled, pulling me up to my feet.


    “How are you here? Y-you are dead.” I sniffled, still surprised on how my old friend was even here right now.


    His face went from happy to serious in a matter of seconds. It’s as if he has something to tell me that I didn't know. I suddenly became very worried. I reached my small pale hand out and placed it on his shoulder, people still paying no attention to me whatsoever.


    “Noah, what’s going on? People have been ignoring me. I’m scared.” I cried, quickly wiping the tears from my white cheeks.

“Cosette...you were in an accident.” He whispered, looking me dead in the eyes.


“W-what?” I sputtered, my eyes widened to the size of a golf ball.


“You were riding your bike, and you didn't look both ways when crossing the road. A truck came, and you didn't move. You just sat there, too shocked to to anything. I tried to save you..but I couldn't do anything.” He replied, a tear falling from his grey eye.


“Well I must be okay, because I am here now..right?” I question, tapping my foot from the nerves running through me.


“You...you aren't here, Cosette.” He muttered under his breath, loud enough for me to hear it.


    I suddenly realized it. That was me on the stretcher that my mother was crying after. That is why people don’t see me, or answer me. They knew all along. I am a ghost. This isn’t real life. A shrill scream came from my mouth, making Noah cringe. Tears streamed down my face, my feet carrying me far away from the town. Noah called after me, but my feet kept on running until I reached an empty meadow. My feet collapsed from underneath me, my whole body falling to the ground. I looked up at the sky, seeing little people walking on the clouds. I tilted my head in confusion, but soon my thoughts were interrupted when Noah was suddenly standing right in front of me.


    “You are not a person, Cosette. You are a spirit. You are not alive, you are dead.” He told me sternly, so I would get the message.


    I shook my head in sheer panic. This couldn’t be true. Maybe this was all a nasty nightmare, and I would soon wake up in the comfort of my own home. I tried pinching myself, but my fingers went right through my arm, causing me to jump up in fear.


    “You are one of us now.” Noah explained, pointing at the little people in the sky.


“Who are they?” I asked, my whole body trembling in fright.


“They are spirits, just like you and me. I came down here to come get you, so I can take you to your new home.” He exclaimed, a small smile on his ghostly face.


    He grabbed my hand, a large light shining on the both of us. I clenched my eyes shut, not wanting to see anything that was happening. When I opened them, we were up in the clouds, standing in front of a large group of people who looked a lot like me.


“Welcome, Cosette.” They all chanted, huge smiles plastered on their faces.


    Everything here was very colourful, unlike down below. The people’s faces radiated in the gleam of the bright sun, their lips a plump pink and skin a light tan or dark brown. I looked down at my skin to see a tan tint to it. I picked up a strand of my hair to see it’s original chestnut brown colour. My frown turned into a smile, as I looked over at the other human beings before me.


    “What is this place?” I gasped, slowly walking closer to the people.


    “This is the afterlife. Enjoy your stay.” They all answered me, before walking off to different buildings in the new world.


    I feet shuffled along the light fluffy pathway, my arms swinging back and forth. Noah was suddenly right by my side, smiling his beautiful smile at me.


    “How do you like it here?” He asked, grasping my hand into his.


    “It’s beautiful.” I stated, as we walked down the street of happy people.

    I wasn't alive anymore, nor was I living on earth. Everyone seemed so happy here other than at home, with all of the lying and deceit. Here everything was peaceful. There was no fighting or war. Nobody hated each other either. I am truly glad about what happened, because I was done walking that lonely boulevard, not knowing who or when someone would hurt me. I was happy, and that was all that mattered. I wish I could bring everyone I loved down there up here, so they could experience the same happiness as me, but I couldn't fix that. I guess everyone has to walk a lonely boulevard before they receive true happiness. Mine just came a bit early.

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