Forever and Always(Part 2)

this story picks up from six flags and if you haven`t read part 1 then READ ITTTT FIRST or you are not going to get this story. stays with the same carecters but with some new ones so ya. Hope you like it.


9. Won't be able to update for a while/Hospital (part 3)

HIIII!!!!!My Little Carrotsss!!! Okay good news IM NOT STOPING FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!but here's the bad news...due to all the viruses my computer has and how many times I've gone on mom and dad think that movellas is the one that putting the viruses in the computer so now I can't go on anymore on my parents computer...but when I get my new laptop then ill be able to go back problem my mom and dad don't have money so it may take a while sooo.. Until my mom and dad get me a laptop I can't update sooo ya... Well here is hospital (part 3)!

p.s. forever and always will be put on hold and I'm sneaking this chapter on my parents computer ;)haha


Hospital part 3


Angie's P O V

I have to go see Harry!...BOOM!! Ow who the heck is this

"Oh hi Angie how's Alison.", Dylon said in happy sarcastic way

No no no.

"Um... I don't know... But here's what I do know! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU RAPE YOUR OWN SISTE-" I was cut off by Dylon Pushing me into a Room

"Do you want to be RAPED TOO!", he said in a Raging tone

I shook my head

"Good now shut your little BITCHY mouth and tell me where Alison is!"

"I don't. Know" his breath ugh what has he been doing to him self.

"sure you do. You and Alison are always together "

"Really I DON'T KNOW!"

"DON'T YELL AT ME YOU LITTLE SHIT HOLE!!",  He Yelled as he pushed me against the wall

"remember do you wanna be raped!"

"Well actually you didn't tell me where  she was so... Now I have to keep my promise"

"what do you mean?!"I asked beginning to get scared

" I mean that I now have to rape you"

"(Gasp)No please DON'T!" 

"Well you didn't tell me where Alison was so now I have to Rape you..."

"WHAT REA...LLY I-I DON'T KNOW!"  OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE...wait what is that...(Gasp) a needle....

"Ah good thing I brought a condom."

I Moved alittle so I could reach the needle...I slid my body as carefully as possible. Okay heres good...I Pulled my arm as far it could go and tried to reach it.Come on I cou...ld get it.

Ugh come...on...ALMOST THERE. UGH WHY WAS BORN WITH SMALL ARMS!...wait hold on Is that Dylons Dick? why is it so Small? HaHa How pathetic... WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING HES ABOUT TO RAPE ME AND I HAVE TO REACH THAT NEEDLE SO I COULD GET OUT!

Okay come on One...More...Time...Finally my Hand touched the needle! YES! I Grabbed it and hid it Behind my back...(GASP!) FUCK I forgot he has the keys!

"Wow that took longer than I exspected"

"Now Lets get to it"

OKAY heres the time. He Grabbed me as I tried to escape And threw me to the Floor. As he was getting on me I took out the Needle and stabbed him in his neck.

"No lets Not do It" I said as I grinded my teeth.

I Pushed him a side and whent sreaching for the keys... yes found them. I ran to the door unlocked it and left running...


FUCK He survived! And just great there is no one here. its like the walking Dead all over again.

Enough of that I have to Go Find Alison...

Alison`s POV

God this is so cunfusing and hard...Do I really like Niall again or was it just because I felt Desspreate...I dont know

"Hey Alison"

" Huh Oh Hi Elenor "


"Whats wrong it looks it You were Crying"

"Ya I`m fine"

"really Elenor"

"(sighs) Okay well first of all do like Niall now because you were sleeping on his lap and all...?''

"well I dont know?"

"well What happened... was that... Harry,Niall, and L-l-louis are in...c-"

'O God I cant Even say it", Elenor said breaking down


"no...I just almost threw up when the doctor Sa-"

She was intruped with a Tired and Scared Angeline Came into the room



"Dylon is here"




HAHAHAHAHA......!!!!!! Im soo evil. JK. well you already know about whats going to happen. so I guess this is Good bye For Now...

Bye My LIttle Carrots.









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