Forever and Always(Part 2)

this story picks up from six flags and if you haven`t read part 1 then READ ITTTT FIRST or you are not going to get this story. stays with the same carecters but with some new ones so ya. Hope you like it.


11. update(not a Chapter)

HEYYY GUYYS!! So I Just wanted to give you Guys A Little update...or big update...anyways I changed The Cover Photo And I don't mean to sound coincided but I'm Actually Really Proud about it. It Literally took Me more then an Hour to make it and I hope you Guys like it too.

O and if any of you guys use Wattpad or know about it well... I'm Making a FanFic. On Wattpad too. It's not out yet. I'm gonna make the first three chapters and then I'm gonna publish it. O and the FanFic. Is called "17".

Luv U Guyss!!


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