Forever and Always(Part 2)

this story picks up from six flags and if you haven`t read part 1 then READ ITTTT FIRST or you are not going to get this story. stays with the same carecters but with some new ones so ya. Hope you like it.


13. Update:(

heyy guys I have some bad news Forever and always is going to coming to end. I know its barley in the middle but my movellas account is having issues and I know cant update on my phone because I don't have an iPhone anymore so now can't update on the app...I really hope that you guys can understand. And I do still love one direction its just things have came up so ya. But there is some Good news! if you guys know who O2L aka Our Second Life is. then you would know who Kian lawley is. ive made a wattpad account and ill be making fanfics there now but theres not going to be a lot  of one 1D fanfics now so ya but there are going to  be Kian lawley ones. if you guys don't know who he is just watch go watch Superkian13 on youtube:) I promise you'll love him:)so here is my wattpad account info.


username: 9SantII2 (exsactly as its written)

p.s. I wrote this on my moms laptop.

I guess this is good bye....


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