Forever and Always(Part 2)

this story picks up from six flags and if you haven`t read part 1 then READ ITTTT FIRST or you are not going to get this story. stays with the same carecters but with some new ones so ya. Hope you like it.


2. Sleeping with the Enemy

Alison`s P O V


"Niammmmm!!!!!",I said with joy "Where have you been. I`ve Missed you forever!"

"Hey, I left Freshman year because of Jake.", Niam said

"O.", I said remebering what happened


(flash back)


We were at a party. Partying our Ass`s. It was so much fun until Jake showed up. and we were all drunk.

"Hey girls how you doing?", Jake said drunk

"eww get away jake.", Angeline said

"Angie have you have drink yet?", Jake said

"ya Duh I have one in my hand right now.", Angeline said

"What are you doing here anyways you wrean`t invided.", I said

"I came for the drinks.", Jake said

"Hey Niam.", Jake said

"hey Jake", Niam said smilling

 Keep in mind that niam is a real partyer and gets drunk esaly.

When jake left we just keep partying. It had been an hour until we noticed that Niam was gone.

Niam`s P O V

(still in flash back)

I secrety whent with jake upstaris 

i was drunk too so i had no idea what i was doing.

He moshened me to a room. and i what with him.

Then he closed the door.know you know whats going to happen.

the next day I found myself naked in a bed with

"JAKE!!!!!????" i  SCREAMED 

"o hello we were good last night.",Jake said

(end of flash back)

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