Forever and Always(Part 2)

this story picks up from six flags and if you haven`t read part 1 then READ ITTTT FIRST or you are not going to get this story. stays with the same carecters but with some new ones so ya. Hope you like it.


10. IM BACK!!!!/Hospital (part 3.5)

HIIIII MY LITTLE CARROTSSSS!!!!!!!! I`M BACKKK FINALLY the long wait is over! I`m soooooo happy because Movellas FINALLY able to Let people WRITE and UPDATE stories On the app! FINALLY!!..haha anyways back to the Story...

(Hospital Part 3.5)

Alison's POV

"ALISON!", Angeline Yelled as she ran into my room


"Dylon is here"

"What", I said with my eyes wide open

"Wait who's Dylon?" Eleanor asked

"He''s complicated"

"Oh..." Eleanor responded



"Take me to Niall's room. I need to sort some things out"-Alison

"Why...and what about Dylon He almost RAPED ME!"-Angie

"Plus He's in a L-lo-" Elenor said and broke into tears again.

"Yes I Know and Don't worry about Dylon He always gets lost In Hospitals."-Alison

(Dylon's POV

Damn Angeline got away. Okay Time to find Alison and take her home with Me....

Zayn's POV

Ugh what happened

"Your in the hospital"

"Huh. Oh Niam."-Zayn

"How are you. Are you okay."-Zayn

"I'm fine just a bit of cuts and bruises...that it."-Niam

"Oh...and the others."-Zayn

"Louis, Niall, and Harry are in comas. Alison, Liam, and Angeline are okay."-Niam


"Ya it's kinda my job today."-Niam

"God I just wish that for one day I could just relax and have nothing happening."-Niam

"What do you mean."-Zayn

"I mean that I wish I could just forget about me sleeping with my enemy and the car crash and having to face kiara and then the worst of all..."-Niam

" you mean "it"."-Zayn

"Yes Zayn."

"But wait you don't know that haven't even checked"-Zayn

" Did...."-Niam

"The D-" Zayn cut me off.

"Niam I don't want to know about that right now."- Zayn


Alison's POV

I Don't even know why I'm Going to see Niall right. Now. I just got this unusual urge to go see him. And why am I doing this when Dylon is Roaming around the hospital. Ugh I don't even know what's up with me. I hope my school principle will forgive me for skipping school for two days. Well I am in the hospital so ya he'll proberly forgive me.

"Okay we're here."-Eleanor

"Okay um can I just have a moment please..."-Alison

"Oh right okay." Angie said as she went with Eleanor to the food court.

Okay now it's time to see if I can actually forgive Niall and maybe give him a second chance or just forgive him and not date him and continue to dream about Louis.

"Niall...I know you can't hear me but I don't what to do can I trust you again for you not to cheat on me again or a-"

I was cut off when the moniter started beeping rapidly.

"Oh God..."-Alison

"Doctor, Nurse!!"-Alison

Niam's POV

"Okay well I've gotta go and check on the others."-Niam


"Oh hey who... Are you..."-Zayn

I quickly turn my head to find Dylon Standing in front of me.

"Hi Niam How have you been."-Dylon

"Do you know him..."-Zayn

"Yes she dose we go Way....back."-Dylon

"Fuck off Dylon and I'm not.telling you where Alison is..."-Niam

"Oh you will right after I do this!" Dylon said as he headed towards the cable that was hooked up to all of Zayn's monitor.

"NO!" I yelled as I grabbed a vase and smashed it on his head...

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