Forever and Always(Part 2)

this story picks up from six flags and if you haven`t read part 1 then READ ITTTT FIRST or you are not going to get this story. stays with the same carecters but with some new ones so ya. Hope you like it.


7. Hospital (Part 2)

Hi My Little Carrots Im really sorry for the long wait I had Familly stuff... Well any ways heres the second part to Hospital(the Chapter before this one)


Alison`s P O V

"Dylon Your Drunk" I Yelled Scared

"Well I guess i`m gonna Have to do it myself" He said Before He grabbed me


"Do You Love me" Louis Asked

"Of Course I Do I`m Girlfriend right" I Said Before he kissed me


"I`m So happy were Back together" Niall Said

"I Know Me too" I said before he kissed me


(Gasp) Wha...Where am I.

"Your at the Hospital"

"Huh...Niam, did i say that out loud"

"Ya you did"

"Oh...What Happened"

"we were in a car acidant"

"Oh Ya...(Gasp) HOW`S LOUIS or NIALL or LIAM or ANGE-"

"Shhh.... Don`t worry their fine"

"Whew thank god"


God I feel so bad For her. I really hope Liam is okay and Louis and Niall...

Louis`s  P O V

"LOUIS!!", Elenor yelled as we tumbled down the free way...

"Louis" I hared some one say... I couldn`t see who it was at all I could see was Darkness.

Elenor`s P O V

God it Kills me to see him like this. All he was doing was just laying there unconscious. God why Did this happen...

"Hi Do you know Mr. Tomlinson?", The doctor asked coming in


"Okay well Im Sorry to say this But Mr. Tomlinson Had to Be put in Coma. We don`t know when he`ll wake up but I hope he does soon."

"Okay" Oh no...

"my Daughter is a Bid fan Of One direction and it will probly kill her to find out that her Favorite band is in the Hospital with three Band Mates In comas..."

THREE!!! Wha...No


"Ya: Mr. Horan, Mr. Styles, and Mr. Tomli...well ya"

"Oh" Oh my god I might gag...

Angie`s P O V



"Who is it?" Ugh I`m so grogy.

"Its Elenor."

"Oh Hi, Hows Louis? and Oh my God ARE YoU-" I was Cut off by her

"Ya I`m fine just a couple of scratches. and Louis...fine"

"Oh good what about Harry...OH My GOD I have to see him!" I said as I got up from Bed twoards Harry`s room

"Wai-" Elenor said before I cut her off

"Wha..." I said before i bummed in to someone...

"Oh Hi angie hows Alison?"





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