Forever and Always(Part 2)

this story picks up from six flags and if you haven`t read part 1 then READ ITTTT FIRST or you are not going to get this story. stays with the same carecters but with some new ones so ya. Hope you like it.


6. Hospital (Part 1)

Niall`s P O V

"Hey Niall Can I sleep on your lap, I`m really tired?" Alison Asked

Wha...Did she just ask what I think she asked. I Thought She Hated me. I Think Shes Gaining Feeling for me Again?

"Sure.", I say

Then she puts her Butifull Head on my lap, Closes her eyes and Falls a sleep

(An Hour Later)

Alison`s P O V

(End Of Dream)

"(Yawn)Good Morning.", Alison said

When I Finally Got my Eyes Open I see Everyone Everyone Looking at Me Espshaly Liam.

"LIAM LOOK OUT!!!", I shouted

"Huh.", Liam said Confused

We Then get Hit By a car and Start Tumbleling Though the Freeway. 

All I was doing was Covering My head While Niall Proteced me. Finally the Car Had Stoped Rolling Landed On All Four Wheels. All I saw was Blood and Smelt Gas.

(An Hour Later)

I was Pinned Aginst the Car I look To my Side and I see An Unconches Niall.

"HELPPP!!!", I Yell



I Then Feel Someone Hold On to My Hand.

"Niam Your Ok."

"Ya Its Gonna Take Much Worse to Knock Me down. And don`t Worry I already Call 911."


Then I hear and See An Ambulance coming. Once they go Here. They Lifted Louis and Elenor Into Sepreated Ambulance`s. Then Angie and Harry. Then Zayn and Niall. Then Me and Liam.

Niam`s P O V

"Oh God liam your Gonna be Okay, Alright Don`t Die On Me."

"Miss Do You Wanna Ride with him?", One of the Guys in The Ambulance`s asked

"Yes, He`s My BoyFriend." I say  While Getting in The Ambulance.



Ooooo Cliffhanger. And Don`t Worry Niam Things are Gonna get better. Hope U Guys like It. Please Comment, Favorite, And Like

Luv U My Little Carrots!!


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