Forever and Always(Part 2)

this story picks up from six flags and if you haven`t read part 1 then READ ITTTT FIRST or you are not going to get this story. stays with the same carecters but with some new ones so ya. Hope you like it.


5. Another Strange yet likefull Dream

Alison`s P O V

"What do you mean. DON`T LOOK!!", I asked confused

"Just Don`t Look.", Angie Said. Ugh Why don`t they want me to look. You Know I`m not going to fight it they told me not to look I won`t look

And right after Angie Said that guess who I bumped Into.

"O Hi, I Haven`t Seen you In a While. How are you Doing?", Kiara asked. Oh NO, NO. Wha...Why Is she here In Six Flags. I thought she Was in a Hotel or Starbucks...Or Working at a Strip Club.

"Uuu...Good. I guess."

"Really because you don`t seem so Happy."

"I am Happy Its just all those Rollorcosters...You know Its Gets really dizzy."

"Oh Honey I know. So Who are Your New...NIALL."

SHIT I forgot to hide Ni...Wait How was I able to I Got Cought By kiara. Angie And Niam were suposed to do that..Never mind.

Niall`s P O V

O Fuck, O Shit What do I do. I can`t Let the Lads Know that It was Kiara who Was the Girl I slep with.

"Hi Niall."

"Uuu...Hi Kiara.", I said Awkwardly

"O Shit I have to go." She said While  Looking at her phone

"Oh Ok.",I said. Thank you God

Alison`s P O V

Well that was awkward. And scary...Acualy Even more scary then the Rollorcosters here. 

After that we went on even more rides and when I say ''even more'' I`m talking like, what 10 or even 20. This is One big park.

"Guys I`m tired Lets go.", I asked

"Ya me too.",Louis said

"(Yawn)Me three.", Elenor followed

"Ya lets go.", Liam said

We all go in to the car. Liam Drived with Niam in the passenger seat. Then Louis and Elenor In the next row. Then Angieline with Harry in One seat(In other words Angie was On his Lap). Then Finally Zayn, Niall, and Me In the Back. And all we did was talk and Basicly did Nothing. God I was Tired. Man Niall is so cute when He`s sleeping...Wait what am I saying I Can`t Like Niall He Broke My heart. And Also I Now Love Louis...But He Already has Elenor. I Guess I Could Forgive Niall...No, I`m Just despret...or maybe I`m Stating to gain Feelings for Niall Again.

"Hey Niall."


"Can I sleep on Your Lap I`m Really Tired."


"Ok.", I said And with that I Put My head On His Lap and fall fast asleep.

-Start of Dream-


Alison`s P O V

I was in a room with Niall. We were Boyfriend and Girlfriend again. And Niall Was Almost Naked. I Mean all He Had on was Boxsers.

"Hey Alison."


"I`m So Happy Were together again."

"I Know Me Too.", I said. He then Comes Up to And Smashes his lips on to mine.

His Kiss Was sudden so it took Me a second to kiss back. His Tounge was exploring My Mouth while I was Doing The same. And in 10 seconds It Went From Kissing To making out hard core. The whole time we were making out I was playing with hair. He then started to take off my shirt and Panties. And all I had to do was take His Boxers. Finally we were completly Naked.

OMG that Cock. He got on top of me and entered me.His thrusts were slow But the as the seconds past He went full speed.

"OHHH, Niall. OMG, Fuck."

God I Mouned so loud and Embrasing.

"Do you want to suck?", Niall asked

All I did was Nod. So I got On top of him started kissing his neck and from His Neck I went to his stomec and from his stomic I went to his Cock. I Pumped and sucked repeatly.

"OHHH, Alison I`m Gonna Cum!"

So I got ready And all this warm Gowey stuff was In my Mouth. I spit it out And Niall Got On Top of me and Continued to go In And Out Of me.


-End of Dream-



I`m So So So So for Not updating My Little Carrots. I had so much school work. So Now that school Is ending On Friday i`ll be able to Update alot More then Most of the time. Happy FanFic. Summer. Please Comment, Like, Favourite. Luv u

~BYEEEEE!!!!!!!My Little Carrots!!!!!!!!!

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