One Star

Melissa is a keen girl with a lot to prove in life. She is destined to be great. But what about when her life takes an unfortunate twist in the form of a deadly car crash? Can she negotiate with death, and if so, what is the price she has to pay?


1. Sheep

She rounded the corner. Her dark hair floating in majestic waves behind her, despite the speed. Taking her eyes off the road for a split second, she glanced at the neon clock on the dash board. 8pm sharp. She sighed and carried on speeding around the sharp country lanes. The lions roar sounded as she pressed her foot down on the pedal even further, she knew she was well above the speed limit. But in the abandoned North Welsh roads at this time, who was to tell her otherwise? 
Another corner, and then another. She felt like she was riding a roller coaster, over dangerously deep potholes she still sped, twisting and turning, watching carefully for the brambles, protruding from out the gaps of the fence. All she was worried about was not to get a scratch on her brand new car. 
However, Unknowingly to her, a sheep hand managed to find its way onto the forbidding lane. 
As she rounded another corner, she caught sight of the bright white eye of the sheep, glinting in the headlamps. Slamming the brakes down hard, she wrenched and the gear sticks, hoping against hope as not to crash. She'd only had the car 6 hours. 
But it was too late. With a ear splitting crack, the sheep was hit, and ruby red liquid was oozing its way down her windshield. Screaming: she closed her eyes as she felt the crunch of the sheep's bones crunch beneath the wheels. She opened her eyes again, just in time to see the lamp post, and the hooded figure. 



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