One Star

Melissa is a keen girl with a lot to prove in life. She is destined to be great. But what about when her life takes an unfortunate twist in the form of a deadly car crash? Can she negotiate with death, and if so, what is the price she has to pay?


3. PlayGround

Hi guys, this is the first proper story(ish) thing I have ever written.. so all types of comments are welcome :)

Basically we know that Melissa is a tad stupid, as well as a bit naive. I mean- she doesn't even know who these people are- right? Anyway, you'll just have to see what goes on in the 'deal'. Hope you enjoy!




"Alright then!" The man said, clasping his pale hands together and beaming, Melissa couldn't help but notice the yellowish taint they had to them. "Off you go now, chop chop". Without hesitation Melissa walked straight out of the magnificent chamber, through the oak doors that the two guards pushed open for her, and into- a park?

She blinked as the dazzling light of the sun hit her in the face. She turned around and came face to face with trees, bushes, and flower beds. Was it all a dream? She looked down, and saw her clothes had changed. She was wearing white, glittery pumps, the cutest she'd ever seen, light green jeans, a white, flowing t-shirt with someones face on it, and a light green jacket. Whoever had chosen the outfit certainly knew style. 

It then occurred to her that she didn't know where she was, or what she was suppose to be doing here. Peering down a path leading into more trees, she heard children's laughter. Deciding this was the best path to go down, she started walked briskly in that direction. She didn't, however, pay attention to her behind surroundings.

A few moments later, she found herself in the midst of swings, slides, and climbing frames, with children in many assorted colours running happily around, while they're parents watched on from the side. 

She felt silly. She hadn't hung around a park like this since she was around 8, and even then she felt stupid. She would usually be at the skate park... Melissa span round as she felt something tap lightly on her leg. 

A boy, with short, blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes stared at her, and she bent lower, crouching so as to become face to face with him. 

"Hello" Melissa said lightly "Can I help you with something?" She smiled at the boy, whose face was stern, and ashen white, which wasn't a good look for a toddler. The boy lent in closer, and beckoning to whisper in Melissa's ear. She turned her head and wiped her hair out of her face, before the boy spoke. 

"Nasty little buggers, sheep." Melissa froze. The boy broke into a wide smile, that didn't suit his young complexion. There was evil behind that grin, and whatever 5 year old could portray that much hatred in one smile, she couldn't bare to think about. The boy then rand off at a sprint, and disappeared into the sunlight. 

Melissa stared after him, bewildered. Only then did she notice the small folded piece of paper, clutched in her hand. Straightening up, she opened it. A map fell out of it. She picked up the map and unfolded it, and what appeared to be a chequered, odd shape greeted her. It took her a few moments to register that it was a map of New York, shoving it in her pocket, she came to the letter. 



Meet me in Blakeley Coffee Shop, 10am, sharp.



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