Never gone

Micheal has died, but he can't leave. Something is tieing him to this world and he only has a few days to figure it out before he is sent to a place of no return.


1. Coffin



                “He was such a young man, his life abruptly cut short by a man who made a wrong choice. That man had decided to look down from the street just so he could scratch his leg. This choice has cost us a brave man. My husband.”

A frail woman with a bulge in her stomach stepped down from the alter, wiping away her tears. She was strong and did not bawl in front of the others. She sat down on her seat, near the coffin by the alter. A man stood up and walked to the front.

He glanced down at the sleek black coffin; the inside was lined with clean white velvet. Inside was a middle-aged man with his eyes closed. On top laid two silver coins and his face had slight bruising. He wore a black tuxedo with a clean white tie. His arms crossed over his chest and you could see no more because that was where the casket closed.

“Michael was a fine man and brother,” the man started forcing his glance away from Michael. “He will be missed and grieved by his wife and unborn child and all of his friends too.” The man looked over to the heavily pregnant woman and gave a small nod. “So with that, I will bring this to an end with final words. You were a great brother, husband and friend. We all bless you on your trip and hope for you to rejoice us with your presence in this next life. We love you, Michael.”

A small and brief clap ensued then quickly ended. The people attending the funeral stood up and began to mingle. Some walked over and paid respect to the corpse of Michael Wayland. The brother had walked over to the wife and had whispered some gentle words to her. A woman came over and hugged the wife gently, her hand staying on her stomach.

“I am so sorry, Melinda. I will stay and help as best I can with my brother, Simon.” Answered a concerned woman in her later years. She was short with long black hair with dazzling green eyes.

“Yes, I will help and do anything you need,” replied the brother. “My sister and I will grieve with you.”

The wife nodded and shed a small tear, quickly wiping it away. She looked over to her husband’s grave with her watering, ocean blue eyes. Over at the coffin stood a solitary man, his skin slightly pale and his eyes hallow. He did not speak but kept his gaze on the body in the coffin.

“Aye, what have I done...” asked the solitary man while looking down at the coffin. He swore softly and forced himself to look away from the body. Forced himself to look away from himself.

“Yup, y’er dead” whispered a man dressed like a red neck with a bottle in his hand.

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