Lauren was having the dullest day of her life. She'd woken up, got dressed for school and her little brother spilled cereal all over her literature essay she'd spent two weeks working on.

Life couldn't get any worse.

Or so she thought.
Now, she has Death to contend with, just as she was going to get a nice coffee and a hot fresh do-nut.

There may be a sequel to this soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested! :)


2. Reaper sent you a file!

I frowned. 

Where the hell was I? Where did this iPhone come from?

And what kind of sick minded person called themselves "Reaper"?

Suddenly, the phone bleeped at me again.

Reaper sent you a file!

I glared at the phone before opening the file.

Welcome to the After life Lauren McKenzie!

Here is some basic info you will need to theoretically, "survive" XD

Wow, this guy really thought he was funny. Just my luck to get screwed over by some whack-job. 

1) ALWAYS keep this phone with you

2) DO NOT contact the living under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

3) DON'T try and swim in the desert sea, we can't find the ashes

4) DON'T eat the glubberflobs. You still get ill on this plane too and are no longer required to eat anything anyway

What the hell was a glubberflob? And a desert sea? Ashes? Whats going on?

5) Finally, don't try and leave.

For some reason, chills crept down my spine at this last instruction. 

Oh, by the way, you're dead. Remember that Lorry? You didn't survive.

Oh well, Death goes on! XD LOL :)

If you have any questions please, don't call me! :P

I sank down to the floor. I looked around, finally noticing I was stranded, alone, in the middle of a desolate beach, with a black sea. There was no sound, no waves and no other sign of life.

I stared down at the phone in my hand before the tears fell from my eyes.

Where was I? Why me? And why the hell was the Grim Reaper contacting me via an iPhone????


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