Lauren was having the dullest day of her life. She'd woken up, got dressed for school and her little brother spilled cereal all over her literature essay she'd spent two weeks working on.

Life couldn't get any worse.

Or so she thought.
Now, she has Death to contend with, just as she was going to get a nice coffee and a hot fresh do-nut.

There may be a sequel to this soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested! :)


7. Reaper says Stupid soul

'I thought you only spoke to me through this.' I said, gesturing to him the iPhone.

'I can appear anywhere I want. This is my domain.' He said, crossing his arms as he stared down at me.

I stood up, dusting the sand off my clothes and running a hand through my hair before staring into his eyes. He glared at me.

'It's also rude to stare at people. You have no manners do you? Stupid soul.' He turned away and started to walk. I ran after him and grabbed his arm.

'Wait! Why did you save me? Rule number 3 remember? Don't swim in the Desert Sea, we can't find the ashes.' He looked down at my hand until I let go.

'You say you are innocent. My Harpy only devours impure souls. I'd hate to have to nurse it with a stomach ache.'

'I though Harpies had wings and ate food from blind old men?' 

'Total myth. The Greeks had over-active imaginations. There are many different Harpies, but they only devour souls.' He turned to face me.

'Why were you going to disobey one of my rules?' He bristled. I felt the electrical energy sparking off of him and took a step back when his hair started to raise away from his face as he created a wind around himself. I watched wide eyed as he forced himself to calm down.

'I apologise.' He said, starting to turn away.

'That was amazing!' I breathed out, smiling widely. He quickly turned back to face me, seemingly wary over whether I was serious.

'I'm sorry. When you told me that I was here by mistake, and that nothing could be done... I lost it I guess.' I trailed off, looking away from his bright eyes.

'Anyway, how did you do that? That was amazing!' I said, changing the subject. I knew he'd saved my dead soul for some reason, and spitting venom at him wasn't going to help my situation or get any information out of him.

'I told you, this is my domain. I can summon whatever I want.' My mouth opened slightly and I smiled.

'Really? How?' 

'I don't truly know. I just get whatever I wish for.' He held out a hand and a bottle of Jack Daniels appeared in his hand. He opened it up and took a deep swig, his hair falling back from his face and revealing his scar.

I stared at it, imagining the pain he must have went through to get a scar like that.

'What are you staring at, Lauren McKenzie?' His voice was colder than ice, and a bitter wind had sprung out of nowhere. Rain started to fall heavily, drenching me to the skin as his eyes turned red.

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