Lauren was having the dullest day of her life. She'd woken up, got dressed for school and her little brother spilled cereal all over her literature essay she'd spent two weeks working on.

Life couldn't get any worse.

Or so she thought.
Now, she has Death to contend with, just as she was going to get a nice coffee and a hot fresh do-nut.

There may be a sequel to this soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested! :)


4. Reaper says: It's rude to ignore people. XD

I lay down on the sand, using my bag as a head rest and held the phone in front of me, watching as he sent message after message, taunting me.

Reaper says: How's life Lauren? Oh yeah, you wouldn't know! XD

Reaper says: Declan's still crying Lauren. :P

Reaper says: Don't you miss them? They miss YOU!

I let his torments roll over me, not rising up to retaliate. I knew I would be the only one to get angry, and it amused him.

Reaper says: It's rude to ignore people. XD

I didn't care. He could fester in loneliness for all I cared.

Reaper says: *sigh* I'm bored. Maybe I should get your brother to come and entertain me. Which one would you prefer I bring here? >:)

I stood up, clutching the phone hard in a fist.

'LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!!' I screamed, stamping my feet on the floor and throwing my fists about.

Reaper says: Careful Lauren. Don't lose the phone. Rule Number One.

'I DON'T CARE!' I shouted, my voice hoarse from crying and all the screaming I had been doing.

Reaper says: Are you sure? Without that, you won't have me to talk to, and it's quite likely you will go mad. Plus, it acts as a deterrent to all of the more... unpleasant souls in this plane. You know, the rapists, murderers, all of your top notch criminals. :) Wouldn't want you to get hurt by them. You still feel pain here, even in Death. 

I gripped the phone tightly, and slumped back down to the floor, holding it with two shaking hands.

Reaper says: Now there's a good soul! :D

'So what's the deal with the iPhone? I thought you wondered around in a black cape with a sickle separating peoples souls from their bodies.' I said loudly. I'd rather keep him entertained with talking than him threatening my family.

Reaper says: That was a dare! I do not carry a sickle. That is a farmers tool. I lost a game of Poker and couldn't pay up, so I got humiliated by Mickey. :/ And there really is no need to shout. I can hear you. :P

'Fine. Who's Mickey?' I asked, relieved I could rest my throat.

Reaper says: You humans know him better as Michael.

'You mean the Archangel???' I asked, disbelieving.

Reaper says: Yes, actually. Us upper beings must find ways to entertain. Plus it's rude to ignore people. We're rather good friends, despite his reputation, he can be more mischievous than me! XD

'Is this where all people come after death then?' 

Reaper says: Of course not. Only people who have done unforgivable things in their lives come here, hence the murderers and rapists. All the goody two shoes go with Mickey. XD

'Then... why am I here?' I whispered, looking up to the dark sky above me. For a change, the phone didn't bleep. It remained silent.

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